Going to Paris on Monday!!!

  1. Girls, i am going to paris next week for the first time and i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!

    Please give some shopping tips!!!! Despite all the GD stores where else should i go?:lol:

    Thanks in advance:love:
  2. OMG! i love Paris! You are going to have the best time!!!

    There are some incredible boutiques on the Left Bank and also in the Marais (sp?). And of course all the boutiques (like Hermes) by the Ritz!!! Will try to find street names for you.

    Also, the best meal I have ever had was at Le Grand Venice. Seriously, the food and service was out of this world!

    Have a wonderful and safe trip! And take lots of pics for us!
  3. Thank you jag:love: I will take many pics for you!!!!

    OMG, i can't belive that i'm going bag shopping in paris:heart: :nuts:
  4. ooo and galleries lafayette behind the opera! its well its a shopping centre like what i expect Saks or NM to be like but i dont have a clue becuze ive never been in one. Anyways i love galleries lafayette its where i got my speedy from and omg im getting excited now lol

    My fav city is paris though when its sunny and youre walking round ahhh!

    Check out printemps *primtemps??* too by galleries lafayette! its better for shoes i thought!! omg i wanna join you know lol!! ahhh!

    Have an amazing time i always do over there :biggrin::biggrin: yay
  5. I love PARIS!!! Have fabulous time! and leave some stuff por moi.. I shall be there in July. yippeeeeeee:roflmfao:
  6. Have a great and safe trip!!!!!! Take lots of pics!!
  7. I just got back from Paris (April) and going again in October - have been there at least 15 times - if you have specific questions, please pm me. I am restaurant and cafe savvy - shopping, except for LV is secondary for me when I'm there. Where are you staying?
  8. You must try North African food when you are there, there's one called 404, which has a great atmosphere, and of course, Laduree for dessert.
  9. oooh darelgirl, am so jealous, Paris is beautiful and you are going at a great time of year.
    If you can, go to the George V for a drink (its the most fabulous hotel in Paris, part of the four seasons) and even if you cannot afford a room, a drink is very much recommended (its is where Carrie stayed from SATC when she went there also ;))
    Have the most fabulous time, Chloe has five outlets in Paris, but by far the nicest is the Chloe Boutique situated in 54/56 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. , and go for an evening boat ride on the seine also if you have time.

    Have fun (I know you will) :biggrin:
  10. I live in Paris....and I still have to pinch myself after 6 years....I really live here!...it is a dream...you will love it, let it consume you and change your life...it really, really can...after the first time, you are never the same again...am I sentimental about my city, or what????enjoy...take it in...have a great time! Paris welcomes you with open arms! just remember to always say "bonjour" before asking for directions, and "do you speak English?" before assuming....and the French will love you....
  11. I am so jealous of you. I am not going to get to go this year. Definitely visit the Hermes and Louis Vuitton flagship stores. Even if you don't buy anything the experience is priceless. I like to shop at Galleries Lafayette and Au Printemps. I love to have tea at Laduree, the macaroons are heavenly. Where are you staying?
  12. i was there with my husband around this time last year. you are gonna have a blast!
  13. Aww jealous! Have an awesome trip! When I lived there I shopped a lot in the Marais, St. Germain and along St. Honore. Have lots of fun!
  14. wow, that is so exciting.. enjoy it and shop shop shop.. have fun...