Going to Paris next May...what bags to take???

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  1. Ok, we booked our flight today! (Used our frequent flyer miles to upgrade to 1st class - YEAH!!!)

    So for bopping around Paris, (sightseeing, maybe a little shopping, definitely some serious gastronomie...) what bags should I plan to take??? I'm planning to get a small Chanel flap for the evenings, but am not sure what are best bets for days...should I haul out the black Perlina backpack or stay chic with my Damier Saleya PM?
  2. You're going to PARIS, no need to TAKE bags, the question is, which ones will you bring back?

    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. I usually take my Longchamp le pliages to use during the day.
  4. haha! my thoughts exactly!

    when i was there in july, right in the thick of summer, most of the women i saw around the st germain area were in their cute summer dresses with GDs, or the summery weave basket type bags...oh, and lots of Stams too. i generally don't see many LVs on parisians. a lot of longchamps (the leather ones usually).

    oh you are going to have such a great time!
  5. I agree.. take one bag and buy the rest LOL.. we are going in May.. I am going to take my Longchamp and then buy a few over there..
    Have fun!
  6. Will a Longchamp bag work for both day and night?
  7. ITA! congrats!

  8. I wouldn't carry a Longchamp for night. It's too casual.
  9. OK then, Longchamp for day, Chanel for night. :yahoo: I'm SO excited about this trip, can hardly wait. This will be my first visit to Paris!!!