going to Paris in November, thinking of buying first Chanel

  1. Thinking of buying the Jumbo Caviar Black Classic Flap that has gold chains with leather woven around the chains. Not the new one where it's all chains. Do they still make that? Would anyone know how much it is in Euros? When's the price increase? Will I make the cut? Thanks.
  2. I think your better off purchasing in the USA, but if your buying your first Chanel in Paris for the sentimental reason then go for it. I'm not sure what bag your looking for, but I would call the Chanel 800 number for assistance.
    Or go through the threads for pics.

    Good luck and have a wonderful time in Paris!
  3. oooh it would be so lovely to buy your first ever Chanel in Paris.

    You will probably fall in love with loads there. Hope you have a fantastic time.
  4. This is a classic design (continuous line) and will be around all year long.