Going to Paris in July - best places to buy handbags?

  1. I know it's the land of Hermes, Chanel, Goyard and LV but surely there are other less well known brands and/or retailers that should be visited. This is my first visit there ever, so I would be grateful for any guidance from someone who has already been and done.
  2. Oh I would check the Longchamps shops and the Gerard Darel boutiques especially since you can't get them that easily in the US.
    If you look for a large variety go to the Printemps or Galeries Lafayettes...they are the large rather high end department stores.
  3. Excellent advice, catcat! Gerard Darel bags are gorgeous!
    What else... Zadig & Voltaire has some great leather purses for less than 500$. It's a chain store, if you visit their website you'll find addresses that are most convenient for you. Also Chloe and Lanvin are great to visit. This season especially Lanvin bags were exquisit!!! Also plenty of Balenciaga. And if you like clutches you could check out Roger Vivier, the boutique is near Hermes.
  4. These are great responses -- thanks so much! *taking notes*
  5. I'll be in Paris too, in July!!! My first trip in years! I already have a black Gerard Darel 24-Heures which I adore. I was thinking of a LV wallet...? Will that be cheaper in Paris? Can someone from France tell me? And give me a price of a LV wallet? The euro equals 1.34 dollars.
  6. Take a look at the department stores like Galeries Lafayette and Printemps...they usually have different French brands in one place, so that you don't have to waste time traveling hopping around all over Paris.

    Some local brands that I like are Lancaster and Lancel...
  7. I really liked the selection and variety at Printemps. And it was convenient and easy to get the VAT refund paperwork done there. They have a great selection of both Gerard Darel and Balenciaga bags.
  8. Tropicalgal, if you would like to know LV price in France, just go to www.louisvuitton.com and then klik for France country. It surely lot more cheaper then anyplace in the world !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I was in Paris two weeks ago. I don't know about Chanel but the LVs, Guccis and Fendis were definitely cheaper even though Gucci and Fendi isn't from France.

    Do check out Printempts and Galeries LaFayette, the selection there is amazing.

    Have Fun!
  10. You can check the price of LV product by visiting LV's website. Just click France when you enter the website. However, you will have to guess where the item locate as the website will be in French. What I normally do is click into UK and remember the location and then click into France. Not sure if you know what I mean. This will allow you to compare the prices between UK, France and US, etc.
  11. You can also have a look at Lancel. Their quality is quite good.
  12. I would LOVE to go to Paris for a shopping trip...and it's really not far from London, especially with Eurostar...but I am too afraid that I would spend money I don't have!! Bags are my great :love: but clothes come a close second, and I have enough trouble keeping my bank balance 'balanced' in London :sweatdrop: never mind Paris!! At least here spending feels real...somehow whenever I go on holiday spending money doesn't seem so bad! :graucho: Does anyone else have this problem?!

  13. I can totally relate spending while on holidays is so easy...but since I usually go with hubby he watches over me, which is good and bad.:sweatdrop::sad:
    Now if I am by myself or with my mom it's a totally diffrent ballgame!;)

    Now after having said this general summersales start on the 27th of july in France so that might be worth the trip:p
  14. I'm going to Paris in July too. I can't wait!
    Paris is very nice city and so beautiful in spring and summer. :heart: