Going to Paris in Feb

  1. I'm a newbie to tPF but am SOO glad I found this forum! Better late than never.

    I have been "collecting" various Hermes items from scarves to perfumes to bracelets, and have just recently purchased a blue jean trim bag in epsom. My next purchase for 2007 will be a 30CM birkin.

    What do you ladies think about finding a birkin from the flagship store in Paris? I have read posts from TammyD and Gina_b, and it seems like if I would to spend about a week in Paris, then finding a birkin from the flagship is almost a guarantee??

    Any feedback would be much appreciated. :smile:
  2. Welcome to the PF!!! From what I have read here, it seems to be hit or miss, but if you are there for a week, you are likely to get a birkin! I believe that most ladies go around 1:30pm because the shipment is around 2. So plan on spending some time at the flagship while enjoying the sights in Paris! It will definitely be worth it! Which color combo are you looking for? Will keep my fingers crossed for you- but definitely keep us posted! Sending you lots of luck!
  3. Hi Jag,
    Thank you! I just worry about dragging my husband to Paris for a week and return with nothing...

    As for color combo. I want to play it safe with colors such as black or bj with palladium, or gold with gold hw. I also know togo is more scratch resistant but worry about the heavy weight. I love the lightness of epsom but I am not sure if I want that in a birkin. I'm thinking maybe swift?

    Do you have any suggestions? I'm very excited...
  4. Ohhhh, you just mentioned two of my favorites: Blue Jean and Gold togo! But I must say, many of the ladies here have birkins in swift and I would kill for a birkin in Havane or Gold Swift! Just TDF! I think with the 30cm you should be ok weight wise in any of the leathers you suggested. But here is the most exciting part: when you are there, you will likely see more than one so go have fun, only buy something IF you fall head over heels in love! But I have a great feeling that you will be coming back with a great big smile!
  5. :yahoo: Yay, nafnaf! I understand your excitement, as I'll be there in March. I don't think there's ever a guarantee, but with the choices you want I reckon you have a VERY good chance of scoring a birkin. According to some other ladies Togo is not being offered right now, but there are LOTS of swift birkins being sighted in the mothership lately.:yes: Can't wait to hear your trip report!
  6. Yes, I'm very very excited. :yes: Although I'm worried that I won't be able to see any togo birkins since those won't be readily available until fall of 2007. I think TammyD was able to find a togo birkin while she was in Paris couple weeks ago? Maybe I will be as lucky as her. I'm not even sure if I will like swift since I have yet to see one in person.
  7. Welcome to TPF.
    You must be very excited to be heading off to the mothership! I know I would!!!

    I think swift in either BJ Black or Gold will be stunning! Good luck on your hunt!
  8. I think there's a fair chance for you to purchase one from the Mothership store. I'm sure you've already got the tips from those two excellent threads. Good luck to you Nafnaf.

    Oh and do remember to update us on your trip just like what the two angels did when you have the chance.
  9. Aside from the mothership, you can also try your luck at the H store in George V and the Hilton hotel near the Eiffel Tower. But the mothership receives shipments every day and the other 2 maybe 1-2 a week.

    Swift is a great leather and if you're looking for togo, maybe taurillon clemence is another option for you to consider.

    Gold also looks fabulous in clemence. I personally prefer BJ though in togo or swift.
  10. not sure but have a great time! paris is lovely in february. well actually all year round for that matter.
  11. I am sure u will find something there!!!! just got back week ago,and stayed there for 1 week and got 3 birkins,from what i know there will be tons swift in summer collection,but togo will be not many,but I mean if u want it in basic colors like blk,gold.....,u may have a chance in togo.
  12. I am new the forum :smile:) I am so excited to hear there Birkins are available to purchase in Paris. My husband & I are going either in May or June. I have been on the waiting list forever and I am tired of waiting. What are the prices of the birkins in Paris? where is the flagship store located?
  13. Hi nafnaf, congrats on your upcoming trip to Paris! I hope you have lots of fun (plus visiting Hermes!).

    There is no guarantee that if you turn up everyday for a week, you will get to buy a birkin in the mothership. I know people who go in everyday for 2 weeks and end up with nothing. BUT, you can always establish a good relationship with an SA and get her to take a SO for you so that when your SO is ready, they will ship it to you wherever you are. Yes, they will do that. Which means that even if you don't get to buy your birkin within that week, you WILL eventually get your birkin within the next 6 months or so.

    Good luck!! And don't forget to have tea at Laduree's! It's nearby.
  14. hey guys I am going in April. I am excited. I would love to pick up a rigid kelly...in a box...black or rouge h or something. I might just spend the night in front of the store!

    thanks for the tips.

    I am staying at the Hilton somewhere around there...and I will plan on going in around 1:30pm EVERYDAY :smile:
  15. Can you place SO on your first visit to the mothership? Don't you have to buy a lot of "unwanted" items to develop a good relationshp with SA before she takes a SO from you?

    I will definitely have tea at Laduree's and take notes from other going Paris threads. I have been to Paris a couple of times before, but was too young to appreciate the beauty of H.