Going to Paris, any shopping suggestions?

  1. Hi everybody, I will be going to Paris in early October:yahoo:, any suggestions on where I should go to looks for bags? :sos: I heard Chanel is the same every where, but are other bags cheaper in France than in US? Thanks
  2. The big department stores, like Printemps, Galleries Lafayette & Le Bon Marché all have big bag departments where you can easily compare lots of different brands. They also have inhouse stores for big brands like LV, Gucci, Dior. Check out the fashion departments, there are also bags where the designer clothes are sold.

    Local brands like Gerard Darel, Longchamps, Lancel, Sequoia have nice bags. Fashion brands like Zadig & Voltaire, Paule Ka, Barbara Bui & many more have bags as well as clothes.

    And don't miss the flagship stores - they are worth a visit, if only to browse & dream! Chanel @ 31, rue Cambon, Balenciaga @ 10, av. George V, Louis Vuitton @ 101, avenue Champs Elysees and Hermès @ 24, rue du Faubourg St Honoré...
  3. LV is definitely cheaper in Paris..! I wish I could go to Paris too... :P Enjoy yourself there...
  4. Definitely check out Hermes! They have several stores there and if you are staying there for a week and go hang out there everyday, there's a GOOD chance that you may come back with a Birkin (as long as you're not picky about color, leather, size, or hardware).

    Also check out Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Goyard. There're tons of other stores to see there but these are the first ones that come to mind. Have fun in Paris!!:flowers:
  5. Hello .. I'm heading to Paris in October and am wondering if anybody knows if the prices for Chanels are cheaper there?
  6. i did not notice that they were cheaper but there are lots of great lines over there that are very scarce over here... just take your time in Printemps and Galleries and check out Voltaire , Gerard Darel and Vanessa Bruno bags.. all really great lines.. that I fell in love with big time this spring when I was there.. Have a great time.. the shopping is outragous!
  7. I was in Paris this summer and shopped at LV and Hermes (for scarf) and found it to be less expensive, PLUS you get your VAT refund. Great fun, great shopping! Enjoy!!!!!
  8. I'm still a little unclear as to how this happened, but a spontaneous phone call to a travel agent seems to have led to a fall trip to France. I'm SOOO excited! :yahoo:

    We'll be spending a few days in Paris, and I wondered if any of you have any tips (purse or non-purse related) on where I should go. Hubby and I have been to Paris once, but it was a short trip and certainly didn't include any significant shopping.

    The trip alone is going to clobber my credit card so I don't anticipate being able to do any HUGE shopping. That being said, I also have no intention of leaving Paris empty-handed.

    So, world travelers, any advice for a US girl hitting the City of Light? :idea:

    Thanks in advance!

  9. No advice from me, but maybe you can check out the travels section of the forum for more info. :smile: Have fun! I was there recently with my family. I bought two paintings from the Montmatre area.
  10. Hello,
    Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, so romantic ( I was proposed there :heart:, on the top of the montparnasse tour, but I loved Paris before, so it is not a biased opinion)
    You MUST go to Avenue Montaigne. In this street you have Chanel Dior and a lot of posh boutiques. If you dont buy anything , al least, the promenade is beautiful.:shame:
    Oh, la, la, Paris in my heart :heart:
  11. There is a huge Design warehouse with all designer goodies , perfumes cloths and of course handbags called "Lafayette" !!! (definitely worth spending your day)

    And quite easy to reach with the subway... (cant remember which stop it is).
    The place is massive and just beautiful :heart:

  12. I agree...this place is stunning. But trust me, when you get there you will have NO TROUBLE finding the shopping!
  13. I would go a Gerard Darel boutique and Zadig et Volataire.
  14. I was there in April and my advice is to plan ahead! DH and I tend to just show up somewhere with no plans and we spent about half a day looking for good shopping (which is hard to believe in Paris and is why we didn't plan ahead). We stayed the 7th district and all the high-end shops that we found were on the other side of the river, past the Louvre and Champs-Elysees. Good news is that we finally succeed. We found Printemps (fabulous department store where I got my first Bbag), and all the high-end designer stores.

    Good luck and have a wonderful trip!
  15. PRINTEMPS! You'll surely find some goodies there! :biggrin: