Going to Paris,advice needed

  1. Dear Ladies,

    I am going to Paris next week and finally decided to get MissKelly to my collection.
    I am still hesitating between 32 and 35
    Retourne or sellier
    Colour and leather

    Although i saw a beautiful on ebay:
    32 retourne black evergrain...
    I would like to use it on a daily basis but has to suitable for evening as well.

    Please advice me!!!!!

  2. It's such a personal decision! I think size depends on how big of a bag you are comfortable carrying...for me 32 is the biggest kelly I could do...I think 35 would be quite large for evening..And the style, well for me I'm discovering I don't care for the rigid as much as souple...Colors? What you LOVE and think would work well with your wardrobe - neutrals are 'safe' yet colors are splashy...not much help am I??!!! Have a great trip though!
  3. WOW! First of all...have fun.

    Second...you really naeed to narrow it down!

    My vote would be the following...

    If you want color I say go for rouge H. It is a little bit of color, but not so much to make you nervous. I have found it can take the place of browns and it is like carrying a neutral with a little POP. I can't say I have seen it in every leather, but it is gorgeous in chevre and box calf. If you look on ebay you can even see it in fjord now if my memory serves me right.

    If you want neutral I say go for black or chocolate. Both in box calf. STUNNING! Black would be gorgeous in chevre as well.

    One final thought might be a gold on gold togo...it is really pretty, but my above choices are first.

    I say purchase a 32 not a 35. It is just, IMO, too large and you lose the "look" of a kelly the larger you go. 32 holds a great deal and it is a beautiful size.

    hardware...you may not have that choice when you are there. Black/rouge H works with either...chocolate/gold I like gold more. Oh, I prefer retourne on bags 32 in size...especially if you want to carry during both the day and night.

    Hope I helped.
  4. ^ I can't add anything to what the other ladies have said. Sage advice. I consider the 35 to be a day bag only, unless you are very tall. :smile:
  5. I'd also pick a 32cm retourne assuming you don't need to fit a ton of stuff b/c the 32cm is pretty generous; it is a great daily Kelly and will hold a bit more than a 32 sellier....although I wouldn't pack a lot into a 32cm retourne anyways as it can look bulky. A black Evergrain 32cm Kelly would be gorgeous and rich. Chevre and box also look amazing on the Kelly. I agree w/KB re: her color suggestions; a lot depends on what you normally wear and what colors you gravitate towards. The best thing to do would be to see what they have and look at them in person. Oftentimes I've found that what I think I'd like vs. what actually clicks when I try it on are two totally different things. :P Have a great time and hope they'll have a wonderful selection for you to pick from. :flowers:

  6. I'll vote for a 32cm kelly in black :P
  7. missmarbella,
    I personally think that 32cm is a very good size for a Kelly. It has better proportions all around and does not feel like a attache case. In fact, 28cm is also a great option, except that this size is not one of your choice.

    I have both Retourne and Sellier Kellys and I like them for different reasons. The Retourne Kelly looks more casual with the inside stitching. This style is perfect if you like bi-colour Kellys, where the piping will be in a contrast colour. Over time, there will be a little slouch at the sides of the Kelly although certain leathers are better able to hold the shape better.

    As for the Sellier .... I have to admit that I am partial to this style because I find the outside stitching very attractive. It afterall needs a more skillful craftsman to make this style, as the stitching needs to be even and perfect. Superficially, I prefer a Kelly to be studier and it's in a Sellier that is going to me the firmness of the shape that I want.

    I am reposting the photos that I like as comparisons between the 2 styles. The Retourne Kelly is mine, and the more stunning Sellier Kelly is archangel's. Same colour, same size, same leather, same hardware. Only but most significant difference is the style.

    Vert Anis Kelly.jpg

    vert anis sellier kelly.jpg

    I think a Sellier transcends from day to night effortlessly. A Sellier has such elegance about it.:heart:

    What leather .... Box Calf as first choice and Chevre as second choice. I would also consider Chamonix and Togo.

    As for colour, if you can find Raisin - grab it because it is so hard to come by. My other preference is Chocolate, Cognac and black. In this order :jammin:
  8. Absolutely wonderful advice above.

    When you go to Paris next week, hopefully you will have a few Kelly's to select from and the truth is, one will make your heart SING! That is the one to bring home!!!!

    Short little story......had a call from my SA earlier this year. Had two Black Box Kelly's to show me and I FLEW into the store. One was a 28cm Box retourne with Gold and the other was a 32cm Box Sellier with Pall. I told him that I wanted a Black Box Kelly....and he came through with two for me to choose from. I left the store with a 28cm Sellier Caramel Chevre de Coromandel Kelly with Gold hardware! :weird:

    If you liked that 32cm Black Evergrain on eBay, then you will like it in Box or Chevre (my personal choice....black Chevre with Gold in a 28cm retourne! ooo la la!!!!!!!) or Chamonix!!!! Stunning!
  9. shopmom, this combo is so rare and I would faint if you'd not grabbed it. I have been analysing chevre to decide if it's really a skin I want, and have been secretly admiring your bag above and using it as my reference pic! :yes:
  10. missmarbella,
    I think I made a mistake with information about archangel's sellier kelly. I looked at the 2 pictures more closely above and realise hers has got to be a 28cm and not a 32cm like I thought. Sorry.
  11. Mrssparkles.......I was lucky enough to see Fopducks 32cm Black Chevre Kelly last week and really, in black it's a stunning, stunning bag. The sheen of the leather gives the bag a touch of glamour and easily takes it day to evening. I'd take one in a heartbeat.....the right size? Absolutely.

    Right now I'm waiting on a Plume Elan GM in black or chocolate or Cognac Chevre....the second I get one offered to me....it's HOME, baby!!!!!! I wouldn't reject a 30cm Birkin in those colors and leather either.......:graucho:
  12. ^^^ oooooo, you are planting thoughts in my head .... oh no oh no ... not good at all, not good at all. You know your mighty spell as the greatest enabler on this board right? :P :heart: :lol:
  13. Thanks Ladies for all of your great advices!!!!
    I am in Paris next friday....
    Just a stupid question: does box coming in retourne version as well????
  14. ^^ Yes! It's very nice, too!

    Good luck!
  15. Oh, yes missmarbella! And it's love both ways!!!!