Going to Palm Springs this weekend- I'm not retired

  1. My boyfriend and I are taking a quick vacation to Palm Springs this weekend- we are not retired- can anyone recommend some fun things to do? Thank you!
  2. There's always casinos, hiking, horseback riding, walking down the main street---there's tons of art shops and galleries and little kitschy stores. If you get bored there, head to Palm Desert. Tons of places to play tennis and golf and go shopping!
  3. I love Palm Springs!!!

    I agree about the just hanging on the main drag to eat, shop, stroll. Other things I like to do there...

    Swap Meet at the College in Palm Dessert (I'm sorry I'm forgetting the name...but it's a big one so just ask a local)

    The Living Dessert (although it may still be a little hot this time of year for that)

    Take the tram up the mountain for lunch.

    Cabazon Outlets are a short drive

    Catheral City is fun to drive through. The city has quite a bit of character, especially if you find purple painted things amusing. LOL

    La Quinta is a great area for golf, tennis.

    Have fun and enjoy your visit!!!
  4. Cabazon Outlets is a must!!!!!
  5. We vacation each year in the spring in PS - its the best vacation, so relaxed, great food, and great shopping! Check out the Cabazon outlets, and El Paseo in Rancho Mirage has good shopping and restaurants too. College of the desert fair is also fun, get there in the morning for easy parking and not so hot...have a great time!
  6. ^^^forgot to mention, there are FANTASTIC spas in the desert!!