Going to Palm Springs next month

  1. Any recommendations on where to stay (must be pet friendly), restaurants and most important shopping? thanks in advance.
  2. for pet friendly, i would check out staying in a vacation home. there are some amazing places in palm springs.

    try vrbo.com and hit palm springs or palm desert

    so many amazing restaurants, i wouldnt know where to start.

    it is going to be really hot, so outdoor activities may be limited

    have fun!
  3. great idea, going to price vacation homes this minute.
  4. Palm Springs is a fun place.

    Vacation homes are the best for pets.
  5. yes, cabazon is a not miss. there is really high end shopping at el paseo.

    las cosuelos (sp) is fun for mexican, but can be really crowded.
  6. While you're at Cabazon you can go down the street to Morongo, an Indian gaming casino. It's not huge but it does the trick for my boyfriend when he doesn't want to wait around for me while I shop!
  7. OMG brilliant! My bf hates shopping. I am going to totally send him off to the casino. I can't wait. I just checked the temp and its 116, wow that is hot.
  8. Yes it will definitely be burning in Palm Springs/Cabazon. So bring lots of water and stay hydrated!

    Also, if you get a chance, try wandering into the pool area at Morongo. It's actually really classy and resort-like with cushioned beach chairs, water slide, fancy cabanas and a long winding river. I always sneak in there for a couple of hours and lounge on the pool chairs under the misters when it gets too hot or smoky in the casino. There's usually no one checking for room cards so I'd definitely check that out if I were you!

    Have tons of fun!!
  9. thanks for the tip. I will try for sure.