Going to Orlando, FL... need tips please!

  1. Hello! I am going to Orlando, FL on business for 4 nights and even though I will be uber busy most of the trip I am looking for your tips on places to eat, shopping, and anything else I can try to squeeze in.

    Let me know what's good in Orlando!! Thanks!!
  2. What part of Orlando will you be staying?
  3. ^ I agree, it probably depends on where you are staying as to what will be close.

    My dad lives there, in the SW corner of Orlando, which is the corner that is near the theme park stuff, etc.

    Down there, which is near the intersection of I-4 & 535, I would hit the Premium Outlets (has outlet stores Coach, Barneys, RL, TH, Dior, Gucci, etc.), Downtown Disney (for some local flavor fun, great shopping & food, free parking)

    Around International Drive, there is Belz Factory outlet, or Prime Outlets I think it is now (Coach store, Saks off Fifth, etc.)

    Mall at Millenia is a good mall there, I couldn't tell you exactly how to get there, but I could look up the website. It has upscale boutiques, NM, Saks, Bloomingdales, etc. Similiar to our Somerset Collection... I'm not sure what the equivalent in your area would be.

    Florida Mall used to be the premier mall, but I guess its getting kind of sketchy... don't go there at night. Its fine to go during the daytime. I think it has like a Macy's , Nordstroms, etc & it is has the only Sephora in Orlando (that I know of), so if you need anything from Sephora, you will have to run up there. It is on the north side, on the way to/from the airport.

    Local restaurants, I would recomment the Orlando Ale House, they have great steaks & appetizers... local place that I don't think many tourist go to, I could be wrong about that. There are multiple locations, I've been to the one over by Kirkman & the one down by Disney.

    I will try to think of other things to see/places to eat at/shop... This is just what I could think of off the top of my head. :flowers:
  4. I am staying at the Vistana Villages on International Drive. Sounds like there are quite a few fun things I can do!
  5. Bags4, thanks for those good tips!! I am checking out now how close they are to the Villages! Whoot, can't wait!
  6. In that case...for dinner, try Cafe Tutu Tango on International Dr ("I drive"). It's all tapas with a spectrum of styles and flavors. They also have artists and sculptors in house working as you eat (mostly Thurs-Sat). It's fun and is a nice pre-party spot for the weekends, so look cute if you're single ;)
    Giordanos is at Lake Buena Vista (the exit for Downtown Disney) and they have the BEST stuffed pizza. The dough is like a pastry and it's so cheesy!

    For night life...I'd stay away from Downtown Disney and CityWalk (Universal Studios) as they're rather touristy, but you might want to check them out for that very reason.
    Locals go to the Independent for a college, indie/dance rock scene. That's downtown on N Orange St. About 10-15 minutes from you. Right there too is BBQ Bar. A little bit farther north is Club Firestone. That's electro, house, dance music. Club Fusion is a bit south of Independent and is where the guys in untucked button ups and girls drinking martinis hang. There are a few more bars in between the ones I listed too. So you can just walk to another if you don't like the one you're in. There's also Church St, but that too is touristy.
    Shopping, see above...although, I'd skip the Florida mall, it's gone downhill a bit.
  7. Just piping in to say that Charles and Bags4Bubbles gave great suggestions. I lived in Orlando for 3.5 years and there is always something to do in the I-Drive/Disney/Universal area of the city. If you can make it to downtown Winter Park, which is north east of the I-Drive area, I highly suggest going there in the afternoon or evening. There is a super cute historic downtown district that doesn't get overcrowded, that has great small shops and restaurants.

    The Premium Outlets that Bags suggested has awesome shops. If you're looking for upscale shopping, Mall at Milennia is definitely the way to go. They have a great Italian bistro there called Brio, which has a yummy lunch menu.

    Have fun on your trip :smile:
  8. You guys are the best! Even though its a work trip, I am really looking forward to going!! It's fun too because I'll be down there pretty regularly.. so it will be good for me to find all those awesome spots!!