Going to Order the Antic Cervo Satchel Tomorrow: Need Some Info

  1. Hi Everyone!! Seeing the Prada fall handbags made me want one. I have decided on ordering the Antic Cervo Satchel on the Saks online site. Never ordered thru Saks, so bear with me with my questions please. :tender: I see Saks are having a EGC event. I read up on it thru this forum and I believe you can get a gift card even when you order online? So when I go and check out do I put AUGUST6C? And can I get 10% off with another code? I live in Nebraska where there are no Saks stores around. Any info would be great. Thank so much. :yes:
  2. I don't think that online will let you combine the two offers, only one or the other- but you can always try and see. If you have a Saks card you get free shipping, even with the discount code. No tax for you, which also saves lots of money too. Sales starts now. Check deals and steals, there is a 10% saks code there or reesycakes.com. You also have 60 days to return and if you use the smart label- it only costs $5 to return and I believe it includes insurance.
  3. Thanks so much joeyjimmy!!
  4. Well I did it!! I ordered the Antic Cervo Satchel just now. I do love the one Jill just bought, but this one I think is perfect for me. You can only use one code during checkout, so I will be getting the gift card. I would love to get a wallet that matches this bag. No tax though!! Just $19 for shipping.
  5. Congrats on the bag hun!! It really is so beautiful. :love: Remember to post pictures when you get it!!
  6. Promise I will!! I'm so excited. It's a pretty bag, isn't it?? I hope I made the right choice. But I went with my heart.
  7. Missypoo-If you want the matching wallet..Call Sada at Prada Broadway in NY..she has them..and theres no tax..she is a super SA to deal with....she will send it out that day.
  8. How much is the matching wallet Jill?
  9. The zip around one was 420..Im gonna get the long one with the flap instead..I posted pics in the Prada Tuesday delivery thread of that zipper wallet
  10. Hi Jill

    Looking at your bags has got me hooked too. Do you do Prada Broadway's contact pl and do you know if they ship overseas ?

    Many thanks !
  11. ^ i would call and see if they ship overseas..dont mention the PF..I dont like them knowing..LOL....
    You can call Sada at 1-212-334-8888 and see if they ship overseas...
  12. Thanks Jill ! You are a bad influence :yes:
  13. I think you'll be very happy with your choice. It's a great bag.
  14. Thanks piperlu!! It's coming on Tuesday :yahoo: I'll post pics once received. :yes: