going to order petite shopper..need advise on color

  1. Im planning to order a petite shopping tote next week.:love: After I saw some of the picture in a thread here, I get confused coz i love them all......:Push:

    what do u guys think would be better?

    1. white with silver hardware
    2. black with silver hardware
    3. black with gold hardware
    4. beige wih gold hardware

    I was thinking about the white one...but I think i want to buy the white baby cabas. but i still not sure, since I have to save my money first on that, n I could change my mind anytime between that saving period:P

    any comment would be appriciated:yes:
  2. Maybe this can help :shrugs:
  3. i vote for the white with silver =)
  4. This was on ebay a week or 2 ago

  5. VipStyle: I love how you put your Yorkie in your purse! I took a picture of mine in my Louis Mutlicolor Speedy. :P
  6. There's a black with gold hardware and a beige with gold hardware at my Neiman in SF. Maybe you can go check it out.

  7. Please Post the picture :heart:
  8. wow...thx a lot ladies:smile:
    the beige and white looks so tempting to me..still i cant decide>.<'

    and my friends told me that black would be more classy and last longer..but i love the white or beige!*confused*:confused1:
  9. White w/silver or black w/silver. They are both equally stunning.
  10. Agree. Both are equally beautiful. But if I can ONLY choose one, I probably go for the white. But its just a matter of personal preference.