Going to Oprah show taping tomorrow. What bag?

  1. My friend says I have to bring a small bag. Not sure what that means. Is a medium muse a "small bag"? Also, I never pay attention but can I wear jeans (nice ones of course)?? Maybe not the right forum for this but I don't watch that often so I never notice how people dress! Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Aww, how fun! I see people wearing jeans on the after show, so I say go for it! If it were me I'd probably wear cute jeans, cute top, and sexy shoes! Have fun chigirl!
  3. oh, u have to tell us all about it. Yah, wear something cute and nice.
  4. Im watching it now. I think she always has the best looking audience ever!!! Everyones hair is perfect and I have seen some KILLER outfits as well! If you wear jeans I would dress them up for sure. Have fun!! How did you get tickets??? We have tried a million times! Hope its a good topic. (maybe she will give aways cars, houses, handbags???)
  5. Oh to answer your question...I think a 'medium' Muse is maybe too big to qualify as a 'small' bag. I would suggest a pochette or even a bag that's the size of a Speedy 25.
  6. Thanks! I am such a black shirt, jeans and heels kind of girl. I will have to stick with that. They want bright colors but I never wear them. They specify small bags because they have to search them.

    I hope it is a good topic too but whatever will be fine. I have no idea how you get tickets. A friend called Saturday and invited me and at first, I wasn't sure and then I said yes. I will most definitely report back. Free handbags would be nice!
  7. Oooh that's awesome!!! Have fun and come back here to tell us all about it ;) I hope you win something :nuts:
  8. I think I'm the only person who doesn't like Oprah. Anywho, I'd wear jeans and a nice top and cute shoes and tiny bag.
  9. Wow! have lots of fun. If you've got one, a Balenciaga first or city would be great!
  10. Have a blast and report back to us!
  11. You are not the only one.