Going to NYC in May...what to wear??

  1. Help, please.....all of you who travel to, visit or live in or near NYC.....what to wear there in May....and where to find it? Online site? ( I do not live near a large city )

    I have a poor sad tale of woe....from 3 years ago.....when I arrived in NYC in October on a direct flight from the southern USA....wearing my denim and cottons and looked about as out of place as a Lady from Mars:upsidedown:

    To their credit, the locals paid me no attention. They did not stare....giggle or otherwise threaten to send me back home, but I felt slightly out of place:shame:

    Here, where I live, we don't wear New York City Black....the only black I own is a sweater.

    I dress in levi jeans, shirts, t's, and my Lilly Pulitzer in the summer along with t's and shorts and sneakers. I own my own business and can dress as I like and just have no need for black pants, dresses, suits ( heaven forbid, not on the beach!) and all the things that look so great everywhere but where I live:sad:

    I find it hard to buy dress pants ( I'm very hard to fit in pants ) but am open to suggestions of other things?

    Please help:s
  2. Oh Susi......wish you could make it to NYC for the APRIL trip!

    OK.....first and most important is which Hermes bags are you going to bring with you.....and then we can build a wardrobe around that.....
  3. shopmom, I'm thinking my black clemence bolide 31, pall h/w.
  4. Do you have a Gold Hermes bag, ISUS? I think I read somewhere you might have something gold?
  5. HiHeels, I did not see a pair of levi's anywhere when I was there....they just did not exist the weekend I was walking down Park Ave & Madison.....*sigh*
  6. Yes, SM, I have a gold Kelly.
  7. What weekend is the tpf gathering in April??
  8. OK.....here's what I'd do.....

    Gold Kelly
    Linen blend slacks (look at J.Jill for some inspiration)
    Linen blend shirt-dress/wrap dress
    Cotton T's
    Lightweight sweater
    Hermes Macaron Belt
    Nice pair of heels
    Comfy pair of walking shoes
    Nice dress for evenings out
    Hermes shawl
    Hermes scarves

    all in neutral colors so your Hermes scarves and shawls can add the punch!
  9. The 21st!!!!
  10. trust me, isus they're there. what style do you wear? i don't stray from men's 501 button fly myself when i wear levis. otherwise i strictly wear apc

    the funny thing about nyc is there are dozens of pockets and each pocket has its own thing going on, fashion-wise. but something with edge is a safe bet. something with confidence, with a statement, made of quality fabric, with a good cut, you cannot go wrong.
  11. HiHeels, this is great to know. I can pull together a denim/jacket/boots look that will *almost* rival our lovely shopmom!

    Wonderful suggestions, all.....I can wear all but the slacks and heels. I have to wear sneakers or my black Cole Haan boots..... ( I should have put that in my post ) so, eliminating the sneakers *grin* all that's left is the black boots. There's no where ( and I mean nowhere) here to shop for shoes where I live. So, I'm stuck with the boots for now.

    The wrap dress is a possibility....if I can find one online. Hermes scarves as you suggested....and a wrap for warmth.

    Thanks!! I'll see if my Sis can make it for the April meeting.....instead of May....
  12. How about this.......
  13. Aww I used to work at J. Jill. It was such a fun job! :amuse: Anyway, love all of everyone's suggestions!
  14. Isus, how can you live without a good pair of black pants? If you can get a nice pair or gabardine or lightweight wool crepe, you could wear these anytime and anyplace, any season. You will need a trench and a nice jacket. With scarves and your H bag you would be very chic. I find the weather in NYC can vary quite a bit in May. Froze one day, rained the next and the next was sunny and beautiful. As HH pointed out, jeans are perfectly acceptable esp if you wear with a nice jacket/blazer.