Going to NYC - any recommendations for bag shopping?

  1. I have just booked my flights to New York for april, I am so excited as I have been dying to go back ever since my first visit in 2002.:yahoo:

    I am hoping to find some bag bargains in these shops you guys are always taking about - would anyone be able to give me any recommendations? The brands I would be most interested in are gucci, LV and fendi.

    Also I just came across a place called Woodbury Common on the net - is it worth a visit and is it near Manhattan? Are the bags def genuine?


  2. I have never been to WC, but want to! Do a search on this forum and you should be able to find out more about WC.

    I am not sure about finding LV at bargain prices...unless it's at Canal street (fakes.) If you are coming in April, perhaps there will be sells in the main department stores: Saks, Bloomingdales, Macy's etc. and Bl and Macy's give visitors a guest pass where you get an additional 11-15% off your items, everyday you shop there. The deals and steals forum posts the latest deals, so keep checking the forum.
  3. Just stay away from Chinatown and Canal Street for bags, but they have good Chinese restaurants!

    There's a store called Century 21? I believe, in S. Manhattan near the old WTC site, they have tons of different bags, besides all the designer boutiques there. Have fun.
  4. Century 21 is right across the street from the WTC, and there's not a lot of other shopping in the immediate area. It's like Ross or Marshall's on steroids so be prepared (it's not like a regular department store). They do have some high-end bags there but they also have a lot of junk, IMO.

    Woodbury Commons is not in Manhattan, you'd need a car or a friend or some other mode of transportation. It's a nice outlet mall.

    In Manhattan, my favorite boutique to browse handbags is Verve, they have two locations (one on the Upper West Side and one in the village) - lots of nice bags that you won't find a lot of people carrying.
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