Going to NYC (again).....need advice :)

  1. Hi guys

    Im going on my last summer vacay trip on Friday to NYC :smile:

    I have saved up 130 dollas, and I think I can save maybe up to 200

    The only thing is, I cant think of anything in the 130-200 price limit that buys from LV besides Cles and Bandeaus

    Any suggestions? Please Help :smile:

    CG ♥
  2. what about a Pochette Cancun for a little bit extra :smile:
  3. teehee......i like that ♥
  4. i really need help guyyes :smile:
  5. nobody? :sad:
  6. I can't really think of anything in that price range either...do you maybe want a notebook or key chain?
  7. not sure of the price but a mini agenda?
  8. i like the pochette florintine! thats only 225!
  9. You gotta be a bit more patient... People will respond, just wait it out a little. ;)

    I think you should go for a Damier Azur Pochette!
  10. hmmmmmm......can you cough up a little more for a nice inclusion piece, like a barrette?
  11. :shame: Im impatient, arent I? :shame:

    Teehee.....I actually have a Damier Azur Pochette already, I love it to death ♥

    Great minds think alike :lol::p
  12. cles?
  13. the inclusion pm bracelet looks beautiful...

    eek...you guys now have my mind filled with choices :smile: ♥

  14. I already have 2.....I do want a vernis or epi cles, but I cant justify buying another one
  15. Cles or inclusion bracelet.