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  1. I am heading to NY for a 1 day shopping trip in NY, :yahoo: Now my dilemma is should I stay in Manhattan or should I go to Woodbury Common? Ladies any tips would be great. I am a huge fan of Diane von Furstenberg does anyone know if Century 21 has a lot of DVF. I also love a good deal.
  2. If you want a good deal and that's your primary concern - I'd say go to Woodbury (there's a DVF there). This is if you're not picky about getting the latest stuff etc. Of course there's a risk that you won't find anything that catches your eye...

    If you want the NYC experience and the latest newest stuff - stay in Manhattan! My last trip to NYC - I had an amazing time in SoHo. I last went during the American Thanksgiving so Manhattan also had sales going on...
  3. Barneys on Madison has a lot of DVF....

    It really depends on what you want to buy.... Woodbury Commons would be cheaper but it's not current season collections....
  4. if you like bath products...stop off at the Lush store,:heart: that is an experience that you won't want to miss out on.

    There website gives the store locations in NY.

    LUSH Fresh Handmade Soaps and Natural Cosmetics
  5. Don't waste your time at Woodbury, go to Century 21 or Loehmans for a deal if you are coming this weekend Calypso is having a sample sale and that is always fun too. Check out Barneys for a splurge or go to Soho.
  6. Is there a Loehmans near Times Square?

  7. pisdapisda79, the last time I was in New York I bought a gorgeous DVF top for $16.99 at Century 21 (I found the receipt and I saved $168.01)!! I also remember seeing a lot of DVF dresses. have an amazing time!
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