Going to NY, LA and Las Vegas advice pls

  1. hey everyone

    i will be going to new york, LA and Vegas for a vacation this month. i love to eat so i would want to know where the good restaurants are :yes: and of course shopping is a must any tips on restaurant, shopping, and sight seeing would be very helpful :p
  2. Since all three are large metropolitan cities with tons of choices depending on where you are staying, check out this site: www.yelp.com

    Plug in where you're staying, then search for restaurants/shopping/etc around it and you'll see tons of reviews! You can sort by highest rating and then hit up those spots. :smile:
  3. Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey's are must visits for me when I'm in NYC.

    I like the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in LV.

    Food depends on what you like. Fancy or casual? Type of food?
  4. drive out to the woodbury outlet too!
  5. In Vegas... The Wynn Esplanade.
    Inside are Chanel, Dior, Manolo Blahnik, Cartier, Louis Vuitton.... just to name a few.
  6. In L.A.

    For shopping Rodeo Drive is a MUST!!!!

    Other good shopping places around L.A.

    The Beverly Center also has some nice shopping

    The Grove and Farmers Market. They are right next door to each other. There is EVERYTHING you want to eat in Farmers Market for casual dining. And The Grove is a nice outdoor shopping mall.

    You should go down to Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach and maybe even drive along the coast to Malibu.

    If you are looking for really trending shopping you should go to Robertson Blvd.

    Hollywood is NOTHING special you will probably be disappointed.

    Food if you are looking for places to see celebs I would suggest
    The Ivy, Koi (for Sushi), Mr. Chow. If you are going to be in LA on a Monday night I suggest Dolce. Monday nights everything is 1/2 off.

    For very casual:
    It is to greasy for me but Pinks hot dogs is always VERY popular and so is Tito Tacos.

    I forgot to ask you where you will be staying and will you have a car?

    If you are going to be here on 10/6 you should come to the TPF meet. It is a lot of fun.
  7. LA: roscoe's chicken and waffles (food) melrose- funky shops; roberston -cool boutiques (shop)
    Vegas: Forum shops @Ceasars Palace; Burger place in Mandalay (forgot name); Pink Taco in Hard Rock
  8. sailornep - thanks i will check that out :smile:

    cyclgrl - casual and fancy dining i love both :heart:

    beljwl - yes i have a car in LA :yes: too bad on oct 6 i will be in NY id love to go a tpf meet :crybaby:

    miamia, milodrinker, i lovemyhusband - thanks so much for the input :smile:

    love to hear more .... im so excited with this trip i badly need it ....
  9. For Vegas, I'd highly recommend Charlie Palmer's Aureole (American Cuisine) @ Mandalay Bay. The wine tower is a must-see and the food is sumptuous and delicious. Social House (Japanese) @ TI is also at the top of my list - the restaurant is beautifully decorated and is honestly like a maze, I could get lost in it. Many celebrities frequent the restaurant, so who knows? You may spot a few! Tao (pan-Asian) at the Venetian is a great place to have dinner and people watch - if you go on a club night, you can get a stamp on your wrist and stay for the clubbing experience. IF you stay for the clubbing, don't forget to check out the newly opened Tao Beach on the roof of the hotel and restaurant. There is a nightly light show at the pool area that is insanely beautiful and this area is the more mellow area of the club.

    The shopping is great in Vegas - Bellagio, Wynn, Caesar's Palace, and the Fashion Show mall right on the strip are must-stops for me. The designer goods shopping is awesome in Vegas! I love Vegas and am there practically every month, so please let me know if you're interested in nightlife recommendations as well or if you have any other questions. Have fun and good luck!
  10. How come no stop in Miami? You're hittin up every other fabulous place!
    ps couturefemme - I HEART vegas too! my dog's name is Vegas!! heehee
  11. NYC - TONS of great restaurants ... when you get here, pick up a copy of Time Out NY, will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know - the top restaurants, clubs, what is happening that week ...

    For shopping, I recommend 5th and Madison for the designer shopping ... and of course my favs, the three Bs - Bloomies, Bergdorf's and Barneys!!

    Downtown - someone mentione Jeffrey's which is cool, check out Scoop also.

    There is also a LUXE guide to NYC which gives you amazing day itineraries, like shopping guides in particular neighborhoods, very helpful and they pick the best of the best.

    If you want designer stuff at bargain prices - and you can put up with the maddening crowds, go to Century 21 ... you just gotta be patient!!

    NYC is a great walking city so you can do a lot in one day.

    The usual tourist spots are cool, if you are into it but I would view from the outside, lines are crazy and you cannot get into the Statue of Libery .. take the circle line ... not a bad way to see the whole city ...

    If you want Bway, there is a place in Times Square called TKTS, where they sell tickets to shows that day, lines are long so get there early and the selection is limited to what has not been sold out that day ...

    I can recommend restaurants but need to know what food you like?

    Weather is perfect this time of year so go to Central Park - nice oasis in the middle of chaos ...

    Try the subway out - not as scary as people make it out to be ... taxis are expensive and right now they are threatening a strike.

    Let me know if you need any other tips!!!
  12. You probably know this already, but if you go to Bloomies and Macy's, remember to go to guest services, show them your ID and they will give you a coupon for 11%-15% off purchases made that day. If you spend over $100, they will give you a gift (bloomies bag or keychain last month).

    Oh, don't forget Saks...I :heart:Saks.