Going to Mulberry NYC tomorrow...

  1. I'm off to NYC tomorrow on business, and I'm going to try to sneak in a trip to Mulberry between meetings (it's only 5 blocks from my office bldg). Since there's no Mulberry shop in my city, I thought I'd take advantage of this opportunity. Any recommendations for shopping there, or any questions you'd like me to ask? :graucho:
  2. Oooh...I'll be in NY next week. So give a report on any sale items? Also, do they have Somerset Satchel? Roxanne? Bayswater? How much $$ and what colors? Thanks ever so much for the preview!
  3. Hiya TropicalGal!

    I went to the Mulberry on Madison Ave. (closest to my office bldg) on Tuesday. They do not have any of the Somerset styles in yet, much to my dismay -- I was very interested in checking out the satchel too. :crybaby:

    They have a very good selection of Bayswaters in numerous colors and leathers. From what I can remember, in the regular Bays they have Darwin/Natural Leather in black, a nice burgundy, Oak, and I think Chocolate. They also have a slightly glossier polished leather with shiny gold hardware, in black and brown. Then there's the the leopard-print haircalf, purple patent (wow! you gotta see this!), and maybe a black patent too?

    They also have the little Ledbury in black and brown Darwin...it looks like an absolutely adorable mini Bayswater. They have the east-west Bayswater in several colors too, and also the larger travel-size Picadilly.

    There were numerous Mabels, some Antonys, and I think some little Despatch bags. I don't remember seeing any Roxannes, but I might have overlooked them. They had some very nice wallets in the $400+ range. If you're looking for something in particular, I'd encourage you to call and ask what they have in stock -- the SAs (I think mine was named Sarah) are all very nice and helpful: 1-888-685-6856 x102. If it's closer for you, the store on Bleecker Street in the west Village is the same number, x101.

    Unfortunately, I didn't notice anything on sale. The prices are the same as Net-a-Porter, plus of course the lovely 8.375% NYC sales tax (the tax on my Bayswater was $83.33). The tax is harsh, but for me it was worthwhile to see the styles in person and try them on. Plus I got a purty Mulberry chiffon ribbon to tie on my new bag. :yes:

  4. Thank you Pixie for your description! What Bayswater did you get? Do tell!!!
    I'll be there on November 12 and hope to get a handbag. I am interested in the Somerset Satchel, the Roxanne, the Bayswater.