Going to MOCA tomorrow - I know im late :(

  1. I'm finally going to get out to MOCA tomorrow and I am so excited!!

    Just wanted to know if anyone knew how the stock of goodies was. I know the bags/agendas are almost all gone, but I was interested in the stickers/postcards etc. I'm realllly really hoping these is something left!
  2. there are no more agendas and there were only like 10 PM Neverfull bags when I went a little over 2 weeks ago...

    They have a bunch of postcards, stuffed animals (which are so cute I got one), pins, a good a amount of shirts (not all of them) most sizes were there, good amount of stickers and flower pillows... you'll be able to get some nice stuff in the gift store!!

    Have fun the exhibit is fantastic I spent an hour just looking at every thing..

    Could you do me a huge favor? Can you see if they got in anymore skateboard decks? They were out when I went but they said they were getting more... I'd sooo appreciate it!
  3. Have fun!!
  4. Last Sunday, Jan. 20, they had Neverfull PM's left, and ONE rond.. I think it unlikely to still be available, but you never know!
  5. have fun! I hope you get something awesome!
  6. Better late than never!!
  7. Thanks everyone for the response. Also, does anyone advice buying tickets in advance?
    I'm definitely going to get some goodies and take pictures for everyone.

    to fijibuni- I will try very hard to remember to ask for you!!
  8. ^We bought a membership online and were thereby able to bypass the long line, totally worth it imo just for that alone!
  9. it's better late than never! I wish I can go too *sigh* Hope they will replenish the inventory before your arrival :flowers:
  10. Show up earlier so you won't have to wait in a long line and thank you :smile:
  11. Me is too far away from Moca... not fair.. I would like to go too.
  12. Hope you get someting awesome there. ;)

    Have fun and don't forget to report back what they still have in stock.
    TIA. :flowers:
  13. SOrry...im such a newbie...what MOCA?
  15. cool have fun