Going to MJ Boston for a zip clutch tomorrow

  1. So I have a 189.00 MJ credit burning a hole in my shabby wallet.:whistle:

    I've decided to buy a zip clutch, but I dont know what is out there for colors/styles etc.? Does anyone know of any great current zip clutch colors and if all the hardware is gold right now.

    I currently have some MJ purses in cucumber, black, ivory and peacock so I am looking for something different. Maybe the new amethyst?

    Also if any TPF's want me to scope anything out at the MJ boutique let me know.
  2. ^ Are you looking for the quilted Clutch ($450) or soft calf Clutch ($395)? Fall 06 styles have gold hardware. I can't remember all the colors for Fall 06, check the Info/Price of Fall 06 Bags/Wallets thread. I only remember the Soft Calf colors: Black, Charteuse (mustard yellow), Amethyst (purple), Emerald (green), Graphite (grey), Linen (off-white), Whiskey (brown).

    Amethyst is very beautiful. Fall 06 Amethyst (purple with mauve undertone) styles has gold hardware, but the older Amethyst (dark eggplant) styles came with silver hardware. MJ boutiques don't discount popular styles (especially those from Classic Collection) so they tend to have colors from previous seasons, department stores would discount discontinued colors to make room for newer colors/styles. You can call the Boston store before heading there. =)
  3. Thanks bag.lover!! I dont have a preference quilted or not. I was thinking maybe quilted since I dont have any quilted MJ items...
  4. Hi alioops..Can you check and see if they have a black wallet with silver hardware? I am having trouble finding one to go with the multipocket I bought....If they do...Can you get the phone # of the boutique? I would SO APPRECIATE it! Good luck and hope you come back with goodies...AND good news! Have fun..and thank you!!! :heart: Emmy
  5. ^Sure emmy you got it
  6. ^ Maybe you should call the Boston boutique to see what they have in stock. Personally, I would hate to make the trip only to come back empty-handed ;) .

    Have fun!
  7. Anyone know if I called a MJ botique and they had what I wanted in stock, would they ship it to me?
  8. They should be able to ship something to you.
  9. I would like to have a wallet to match my MJ Stam Hobo in Mouse. Maybe, keep an eye out and let me know how much it is. I can call and have it sent to me. Thanks. Have fun!
  10. Mouse Quilted Zipped Clutch retails for $450USD.
  11. They will ship to you, but they require you to fax in a form to authorize charging you on CC. And I think the shipping price is expensive. Personally, I would call Saks or NM and see if they can ship because there is no form to fax and the shipping is less. And for all stores out of state, they won't charge you sales tax.
  12. Yes, MJ boutiques charge $20 for 2-day shipping (FedEx if I remember correctly). Nordstrom online charges $5 for S&H; actual store charges $8.95, however, some SA would waive the fee if it's not available at your local Nordies (just ask nicely). =)
  13. Yup, MJ Boston's number is 617.425.0707.
    MJ Boutiques are always recommended for hard-to-find and/or older colors, they have more inventory. Other retails usually run of stock as a result of sales, items are usually full price at MJ boutiques.

  14. For quilted clutch, I prefer patent leather -- dust/dirt/water can be wiped off easily. That line's from Spring 2006, it is harder to find nowadays.
    Colors: Black, Blush, Chalk, Cola, Midnight, Lobster, Moss.
  15. $20 for 2-day FedEx shipping is not bad at all.

    I just ordered a little Stam from Seattle's Nordstrom and the SA waived my shipping fee. I forgot to ask her how long it will take.