Going To Meet With Sa Today!

  1. After days of obsessing over questionable finds on e-bay and the internet, I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and get on the wish list today!

    Here's what I want: 35cm Birkin in Bleu Sapphire or Bleu Brighton. I'm not sure which leathers I would be interested in-something scratch resistant and durable...any suggestions, ladies?
  2. I said the same thing to my SA and he said there is not leather in the world that is scratch-resistant. But the ones that are more durable would be Vache Liegee and Epsom, among a few others.
  3. togo is pretty durable as well
  4. ABL, good luck! :smile: I hope you come home with an orange box
    (or two). ;)
  5. Yes, good luck! At least by getting it from the store you can't question the authenticity!
  6. Oh ABL, I see you've reached the H boiling point and you are so excited! :graucho:
    Good for you and good luck today with you SA! :tup:I agree Epsom is a great leather when it comes to durability and relative scratch-resistance. I've had Epsom for some time now and very happy with it. AND BB is a great smart color, too! Let us know how it went with SA, will you.
  7. I agree with Aminamina. Brighton Blue is a beautiful colour.

    I love Epsom as well, though it's really more scratch-resilient than scratch-resistant. Mine has scratches on the back but it's not that obvious compared to my Clemence which has a tiny scratch, where the colour actually came off and it's white underneath!!!!!!
  8. I will definitely let y'all know!
  9. ABL:

    Brighton Bleu is a beautiful color. My wife know she wants something in the shade of blue and from what she has seen in H blue hues, Brighton Bleu looks great and very elegant. We have not seen that color in a Birkin per se only with the tiny pieces in togo and clemence like a wallet or note pad at our local H boutique. We bet it'll be beautiful IRL nonetheless! Please do a reveal when your baby arrives.

    My wife has the Rouge Garance and the Parchemin, both in 35 cm Birkin in togo leather...according to her, the next color to expand her color spectrum is in the shade of blue and her choice is the Brighton Bleu...just like your choice. We both wonder how hard that color is to get in a 35 cm Birkin because we have not seen one in that color...does anyone in the forum have a 35 cm birkin in BB that's willing to share a photo? TIA! We do not have the luxury to select the type of leather as we get a Birkin by luck...in other words, when they are available...but so far, she's been happy with a togo.

    Good luck in your quest~great taste!:yes:
  10. Nothing is totally scratch-resistant, but if you love the leather and the colour, you have to get it!!!
    One thing this forum has taught me, is to go with your heart!!!
  11. Hi ABL,
    I am sure everyone at Houston is good. Have fun! I was there before Christmas and they had an amazing Barenia 30 and a beautiful red fjord 40, but I am hooked on the 35s, so I am holding out. They also had a fair number of Lindys. Good luck.
  12. epsom is always nice. clemence is very soft to the touch but it will get slouchy... togo is good too though it can get heavy. every leather has its pros and cons. no perfect leather unfortunately :sad:
  13. You can check the leather book at the boutique and see which one you like best. Chevre Coromandel is my favorite. Good luck and hope you will get your bag soon. :smile:
  14. If I wanted a "scratch resistant" bag, I would go for Chevre de Coromandel :yes: !!!
    because I also love :
    - the way the CDC can catch the colors : black are really black, blues are bright etc...
    - the grain and the shine
    - the weight (so light)
  15. Ladies,

    Thanks for the input. Who knows when I'll get a call...heck, I may even have to break down and purchase one on eBay from a tpf recommended reputable dealer before I get a call from the boutique!

    QUERY: Which of the more "durable" leathers keeps its shape better than the rest? I'd like something that does not tend to slouch with time. Thanks!