Going to Maui on Tuesday! Any tPF golden nuggets of wisdom?

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  1. Like what to do, clothes to bring, where to go... anything is welcome! I know sunblock is a must! :supacool: :jammin:"[FONT=Arial, Helvetica]Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say... [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica]On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day" :jammin:[/FONT]
  2. hat and a few nice coverups. We went in December a few years ago and it was warm but windy and the wind wa actually very cool. It wasn't hot enough to keep the pools warm so when you get out you could be cold, need a warm coverup:yes:
    Staying near Whaler's VIllage or Ka'anapali?
  3. Oh that is SO good to know Swanky! I had all my totally-tropical clothes packed. I'll definitely throw in some coverups. Thank you so much for the tip!

    We're staying between Maalaea Bay and the West Maui Mountains :tup:
  4. Im going again for my birthday in January. And this past January I went. I left CA in my big ol jacket and gloves and scarves. Arrived in Hawaii and man it was HOT!! The day I arrived it was 95 degrees! I was melting!! What a good excuse to buy new clothes!!

    I would check the weather before you go!
  5. whaler's village and the shops at wailea have all the designer shops!

    sunrise at haleakala and the drive to hana are my favorite activities :smile:
  6. Yep...always a good idea to check the weather. We just had thunderstorms and flooding week before last, and we've been playing peekaboo with the sun for the last few days. I was island hopping the few days before the rain finally let up & overheard mucho grumbling about how wasted some folks vacation was bc it rained the whole time they were here.

    We're currently in our "winter" months, which usually means intermittant rainy weather. However, just bc it's raining on one part of the island doesn't necessarily mean it's raining over the whole island. Lahaina and Kihei are often sunny when Wailuku/Kahului/Upcountry are overcast or rainy.

    Today was lovely, though it's been one of the few really sunny days I can remember for the last few weeks.

    If you plan on watching the sunrise or set (or even just go up in the middle of the day) from the top of Haleakala, remember that it's at 10,000ft elavation & temps can drop into the 40s even before you factor in windchill. That nice jacket or sweater will come in handy.

    If you do any sailing or dinner cruises, the air gets cooler on the water, esp at night: upper 60s lower 70s. You may want a jacket for that.

    Don't go swimming in murky water. We do have sharks in the water..not often near the shoreline, but it doesn't hurt to be careful. Don't feed the fish, it makes them dependent on handouts & often crowds the wrong type of fish on the reef. Don't step on the coral: they are living organisms.

    Whenever possible, don't bring valuables to the beach & leave them unattended and dont leave them locked in the rental car. Not everyone in paradise is honest & less scrupulous folk will steal your stuff off the beach and break into your car. Use the safe in the hotel room.

    That being said...there's TONS of fun stuff to do here...we've got beautiful beaches, excellent hiking, horseback riding, atv riding, yummy restaurants, great art galleries, numerous photo ops.... and be sure to post pics when you come back!
  7. wherever you stay will have a desk with lots of ideas of things to do--state parks, waterfalls, Haleakela, Hana.

    Don't miss Shops at Wailea--high end shopping there. There's a nice paved walking path along the Wailea beach; sometimes you can see the whales migrating this time of year--they aren't that far from shore.

    Most of all, relax. And yes, plenty of sunscreen!
  8. man when i go to hawaii (jan.) its jellyfish season! UGHHH!!
  9. You guys have been so helpful! Junkenpo thanks so much for the insight, that is good to know what's going on there now!

    Now, if I can just figure out what handbag to bring, I'll be good to go :push: I always struggle over that when I'm on vacation!
  10. :yes:junkenpo! LOL!
    My in-laws just came back 3 days early because of the less than stellar weather:sad: it rained on them or was too cloudy alot 2 weeks ago.
  11. Can I come!?!?! I am soo jealous!!! have fun relax and take everything in..you will NOT want to come home...Road to Hana is gorgeous, Haleakala is too, there is also a violet/flower farm that is sooo beautiful.I love The Plantation House in Kapalua and David Pauls in Lahaina for dinner....Humuhumu in The Grande Wailea too....you can snorkel, cuises are nice, helicoptor tours...you cant go wrong IMO its the best place on earth
  12. Hi TTucker, you have SO much fun while you're there! I am in love with Maui and hope to end up there someday, permanently.

    We did Haleakala, I think everyone must go at least once. It was fun, a car load of us got up at like some insane hour like 3am, mind you being up really late..lol..It takes a couple of hours to get there depending where you are on the island of course. It was SO cold up there, we were cracking up because we were definitely not prepared, but we sucked it up and it was so worth it......The sight was magical and just breathtaking. The sunrise, the view.....just breathtaking.

    Something fun to do if you're not going to drive the island per se...is to take a helicoptor ride. Oh my gosh, talk about a VIEW!! It was so much fun since I had never done it and you just really are able to see how lush and green the island is. They fly you over Hana so you can see the waterfalls....It's gorgeous and fun at the same time.

    Another thing I can't recommend enough is a snorkel day trip Molokini. This was a few years ago, we took the Wailea Kai, I don't know if they're still around, but I will always remember the name because it was such a great day. The people were wonderful, so friendly and informative. They served all you can drink Mai Tais, and a nice lunch after snorkeling, on the way back in we were able to see the sea turtles swimming along too. BUT the best part......and I think it's this time of year, the WHALES......UH...what a site to behold. I was like a kid in a candy store.....and wouldn't you know it just like a child, get this, I had to use the restroom, I headed down below and just as I was out of view I hear a gasp from everyone on deck........I quickly ran up the stairs just fast enough to see the ring left on the top of the water where a whale breached the surface only 20 feet from the boat. Can you believe that!?! I MISSED IT!!!! I was so disapointed in that moment but quickly became okay with just knowing it happened. I saw alot of whales that day from a distance, hearing my family describe it was fun enough......but we still laugh about that today. It was so much packed into one package if you are interested, it's a great to do. If I remember correctly, it was very reasonably priced too.

    Have so much fun and sun TTucker!:beach:
  13. I'm so glad you're getting away, girl! :heart: :heart:

    Have a GREAT time!!!
  14. It was raining a bit these past few weeks, but it looks divinely sunny today! I hope the weather stays clear for your trip. (I'm on Oahu, but I assume the weather on Maui isn't THAT off from us). I hope you have lots of fun on your trip!