Going to MAC tomorrow - recommendations?

  1. Hi ladies, I'm making my first trip to a MAC store tomorrow and I was wondering if there's anything I just have to try! I surfed through a few other MAC threads and I'm definitely going to pick up a lipglass (I want to get one of the Viva La Glam ones if they're still out, what a great cause) and a lipstick in Dubonnet. Any other recommendations? I generally wear neutrals because of my job, but I do like to play around with makeup, especially eye makeup, for dates. Thanks!
  2. i can't live without MAC paints. i use them like regular eyeshadows 'cause i find it saves me time of blending. they blend reallyyyyy well and easily. it's good for someone who doesn't care to spend money on brushes or someone who doesn't like to take a lot of time doing their makeup. :smile:
  3. ^agreed they r great
  4. OOOHHH I am so excited for you!! MAC shopping sprees are so much fun!

    My advice to you is to go to Makeupalley.com and read their reviews...they are so helpful!

    Could you post or PM me your info like skin color (pale, medium, etc) and stuff like that?

    That would help us give you more accurate recommendations:smile:
  5. Oh, you ladies are the best! I'll definitely check out makeup alley and the paint eyeshadows. I basically have a "peaches and cream" complexion, pale but rosy cheeks. I have green eyes and dark hair. I tend to use a lot of browns and plums for eye color and Nars Orgasm always for blush because I already have color in my cheeks.
  6. I'd buy gold eye shadow (they have so many colors ranging from bronze to brighter gold) to line around my eyes. MAC eyeshadow pigments are so strong.
  7. Try everything on thats the best way to find out what you like and what will work for you. Have fun!!!!
  8. Some of my favorites are the MAC blot powder, the lip liner in creamola, and pro longwear lip lustre in Jazz-Y-Razz.

    I have their lip prep + prime as well, not crazy about that product though.
  9. i love MAC concealer, they are the best in my opinion especially the small tube liquid and the pen concealer as well :idea: