Going to LV tomorrow...which to get?

Which accessory to get?

  • Black MC Cozy

  • Amarante Inclusion Bracelet PM

  • Hermes Berries Twilly

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Aug 23, 2006
Hey all! I am going to LV tommorrow to pick up the heat stamped luggage tag for my Antigua! :yahoo: And I plan on wearing Antigua for the first time tommorrow so that I can have my SA put the tag on it right away. Anyone know if the luggage tag comes with a dust bag or box?

Anyways, I was planning on getting a small accessory as well, and Hermes is right across the street from LV.

Which one do you think I should get?

Black MC Cozy $305 CAD
Amarante Inclusion Bracelet PM $275 CAD
Hermes Berries Twilly $150 CAD
Jun 19, 2007
It should, if it doesn't ask the SA if it is possible to get one. Sounds unlikely for LV, but I have heard of even handbags being sold without a box-just a dustbag and shopping bag. Therefore I would ask "does the tag come with a box and db" when I asked for the tag. If not, being the item is small you could easily find a box to accomodate it (although it is nice to have the LV box) and make a bag if you are handy--I sell the db on eBay and make my own for my COACH items with pretty material with drawstrings that match the throw pillows and ottoman (which I also made) in "my" room. Yes, I know--too much time.

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Aug 22, 2006
MC Cozy!! I don't think the luggage tag will come with its own dustbag since it was part of the antigua bag, but I'm sure you can get a little box if you ask for one. Actually, all of my bags that I purchased at the boutique (except for one) came without a box, just a dustbag and shopping bag..