Going to LV tomorrow...which to get?


Which accessory to get?

  1. Black MC Cozy

  2. Amarante Inclusion Bracelet PM

  3. Hermes Berries Twilly

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  1. Hey all! I am going to LV tommorrow to pick up the heat stamped luggage tag for my Antigua! :yahoo: And I plan on wearing Antigua for the first time tommorrow so that I can have my SA put the tag on it right away. Anyone know if the luggage tag comes with a dust bag or box?

    Anyways, I was planning on getting a small accessory as well, and Hermes is right across the street from LV.

    Which one do you think I should get?

    Black MC Cozy $305 CAD
    Amarante Inclusion Bracelet PM $275 CAD
    Hermes Berries Twilly $150 CAD
  2. I would get the Amarante Inclusion Bangle. :yes:
  3. I would get the cozy (but thats my wants talking hehe). I think if you ask your sa nicley they'll give you a box for your tag but they don't have extra bags. They only have the bags tat come with the pieces.
  4. I voted for the bracelet because its so classic and gorgeous!
  5. It should, if it doesn't ask the SA if it is possible to get one. Sounds unlikely for LV, but I have heard of even handbags being sold without a box-just a dustbag and shopping bag. Therefore I would ask "does the tag come with a box and db" when I asked for the tag. If not, being the item is small you could easily find a box to accomodate it (although it is nice to have the LV box) and make a bag if you are handy--I sell the db on eBay and make my own for my COACH items with pretty material with drawstrings that match the throw pillows and ottoman (which I also made) in "my" room. Yes, I know--too much time.
  6. ps.
    The Inclusion is lovely.
  7. I'm just worried about the bracelet knocking into stuff and getting scratched like when I write or put my arm down on a table.
  8. MC Cozy vote here!
  9. Do you have any idea why the Cozy is not well known? The SA at Holt Renfrew didn't even know what I was talking about, and with my SA at LV I had to describe to her what it looked like before she pulled it out. Also, I never see them on display.
  10. MC Cozy!! I don't think the luggage tag will come with its own dustbag since it was part of the antigua bag, but I'm sure you can get a little box if you ask for one. Actually, all of my bags that I purchased at the boutique (except for one) came without a box, just a dustbag and shopping bag..
  11. Get the Inclusion bracelet!
    You don't need to worry about the bracelet too much, I've had times when I've banged it hard and I thought it would scratch but it looks fine.
  12. i voted bracelet ! i cant wait to see what you get !
  13. I voted for the cozy:heart:
  14. mc cozy!!!!!! it's so pretty!!! and functional. paranoid me is afraid of scratching and/or (gasp!) breaking the inclusion bracelet.