Going to LV Sat., help me decide ladies???

  1. Hi all,

    Well, taking another trip up to LV on Saturday, here is my questions:

    Okay, I am thinking about the Damier Sayela PM (if I can fit it on my shoulder), the Mono Mini Looping, or the Vernis Houston. I really want to find a shoulder bag I like but haven't been happy with one yet. I tried the Popincourt Haut but didn't like it. Also have had the Cabas Piano, didn't like that either.

    I am small, 5'2" and 105lbs. So I don't like the big bags cause they just look to big for me.

    Any opinions are greatly appreceiated!!!
  2. I love Damier Saleya..it's roomy and worry free. I vote for Saleya, you are tiny, you can fit over the shoulder easily.
  3. ^^Thanks bags!! I hope you are right cause if I can get that baby over my shoulder, she is coming home with me.....along with a few other things!!!!

    I think I am starting to prefer the damier over the monogram, can that be??
  4. Love the saleya pm. Can I ask what you didn't like about the popincourt?
  5. ^^ I didn't like the handles of the popincourt haut. I got so used to hand held bags that those long straps drove me nuts! Getting in and out of the bag, it was like.....straps everywhere!!!! ha ha, I think I'm a hand-held bag girl now!
  6. saleya pm is hot
  7. Hmmm...I've been eyeing the PH for awhile now! Thanks for the info!

  8. Look forward to see the pics
    I feel the same way about mono bags. I am kinda sick of mono bags and prefer damier now. I don't plan on getting more mono unless it's really..really special.
  9. I really like the vernis houston!
  10. ooooh... a LV trip! I also vote for the Saleya PM! It's dual purpose... handheld or on the shoulder!

    The houston is gorgeous, but for sure that'll be a shoulder bag...

    Happy Shopping T!
  11. I'm in the exact same dilemma as you Traci! What to buy this weekend? ARG!
  12. Thanks ladies! I am really hopeing I can get that Damier Sayela over my shoulder! It's just so cute looking!!
  13. I was going to say the houston, but you said you didn't like big bags and the houston is pretty big...

    The saleya is super nice too :smile:
  14. I'd go for the Damier Sayela PM

  15. Well I'm going to try the Houston on for sure, I've always liked that bag, it's so pretty!