Going to LV in 1 hour - Beverly MM or Multicolor Trouville

  1. I'm leaving for the LV store in 1 hour... need advice!

    I got the Beverly MM but since I also got the Speedy, my mom says I should exchange it for the Multicolor Trouville. Which one should I get?

    Also debating between the Speedy 25 or 30. I want the 30 but I'm 5'3 and the 25 looks way better for my frame.

    One more... Debating between the Speedy Mono or Damier. I plan to use it for an everday bag so I was thinking the Damier would be more practical. I have the Recital in the Mono already have a purse in the mono design.

    Please reply with advice! I can't make up my mind!
  2. Go for the Speedy Damier! If you have the Recital, i would go for the Speedy Damier! Good luck!
  3. For easier viewing, I attached pics.

    Also... wanted to explain to explain that my mom wants me to get the Trouville because its handheld and she thinks its much more classier and ladylike then the Beverly (which I love) but as a sling purse, it's casual and I have many other bags to use it for.

    She said it would be much more nicer if I had a handheld when I wear a dress or a suit than a shoulder bag.
    Trouville.jpg Beverly.jpg damier.jpg Speedy 30.jpg
  4. My Mom has that Beverly and she hasn't stopped using it since she got it! (Actually I think she might be switching to one of her Tikals today) but, seriously, this is the bag she gets the most comments on. One day at Nordstrom's three people commented on it, and one lady who was on the fence about it, went down to the store right after talking to my Mom.

    I'm not digging the Trouville as much although I do like it more in MC rather than Mono, that piece really looks like luggage to me
  5. Out of all the ones you have listed I would get the Beverly.
  6. I would go for the MC trouville and a damier speedy.
  7. i would get the beverly mm and the damier speedy - then you have one handheld and one shoulder bag. i like MC more than mono typically but i'm not a huge fan of the trouville for some reason. the beverly is something you would wear for a long long time i think...as with the damier speedy. have fun and don't forget to share what you got.
  8. I like the MC trouville!
  9. Exchange your Speedy for a Damier Speedy 25, because for your frame that size will be PERFECT! Also go for the Beverly MM, I personally feel it has greater long term appeal!
  10. Mc Trouville And Mono Speedy 25
  11. Trouville & Damier Speedy 30
  12. I like the trouville!
  13. Thanks everyone... its sooooo frusterating! My mom and I have been debating over this all last night. I also have the multicolor long keychain which she wants me to exchange (too expensive) but I love it! Ahhh!
  14. MC Trouville!!!
  15. I still can't make up my mind... so I'm stalling before going to the store. I WANT EVERYTHING!!!