Going to LV Friday, I have a dilemma

  1. I am going to LV Friday and I want to try on the Manhattan GM, Damier Knightsbridge and the Carryall. I think that I will get the Carryall, not matter what, but I want to get one of the other bags too.

    I am having a tough time deciding. I hope that the decison will be easier once I have the bags in hand. I think that I also want to try on the BH.

    I do not have any damier and I LOVE the look of the Knightsbridge. I need a "dressy" bag for church and such.

    I also LOVE the look of the Manhattan GM but I already have "big" bag in the Multiplicite. I was thinking that I could use the Man GM as a "briefcase" too though....how about the Batignolles Horizontal?

    Financially, I don't need to buy all three or four now....I wanted to spread these out over the next several months but the new price hike worries me....I wonder what the lesser of the two evils are: CC finance charges for a few months or the increased prices....

    Maybe, I'll go and try them all on and make myself "sleep" on the decision over the weekend and then just order from elux? I just hope nothing else catches my eye!!

    I welcome any thoughts or pros and cons... THANKS!!
  2. I have a manhattan GM, and don't think it will make a very good briefcase. First it is pretty darn heavy, if you try and ut a laptop or papers in it, it is only going to get worse. Since it is only 15 x 10 x 5 1/2, standard papers 81/2 x 11 or folders 9 x12 will not fit in at as many laptops.

    BH is def better if you want to use it as a briefcase too.
  3. Damier Knightsbridge all the way!
  4. Hmmm I say get them all before the price hike and pay them off ASAP :smile:

    Have fun on your trip to the boutique!! We will all be there in spirit! LOL :smile:
  5. Yes, forgo the manhattan for now! I vote for Knightsbridge since you don't have a Damier piece yet, and have a need for a dressier piece.
    If you need a briefcase as well, then I think BH is a perfect choice. Those can carry laptops!
    What do you plan to use the carryall for? I don't believe i've seen one in person. It is about the size of an overnight bag?

  6. Thanks everyone for your advice! I have to admit that I am leaning toward the Knightsbridge.:love:

    I never really considered the BH until the past few weeks. I am starting to really love the look too and if it will fit my laptop...even better!!! The price of the BH is a lot better than the Manhattan GM too.:yes: I may wait about the M GM and look for a nice used one, later on, if I don't get "over it".

    I just love the look of the Carryall for overnights and maybe a carryon for the airplane. I have never seen one IRL so I hope that it looks as good in person.:sweatdrop:
  7. Go for the Knightsbridge. Gorgeous!
  8. i think the knigthsbridge is a gorgeous piece!! but always hesitated to try it on because i feel it's too mature for me..hope it works out on u and don't forget to post pics!
  9. All of them sound nice. It would be hard to choose, but I would never pay finance charges just so I could purchase a bag. I would rather pay the price increase. Let us know what you get...
  10. Unless you can pay the entire cc balance before finance charges - it'll probably end up more expensive than waiting and getting them at post-price increase prices. I believe the price increase is going to be 4% so unless your interest rate is less than that?
  11. Damier Knightsbridge.:smile: Price increase is only 4%?:cursing: ...if you're going to stock up because of price hike and use your CC, make sure you pay it off within the interest free days...otherwise it'll be worse than the 4% price increase.:sweatdrop:
  12. Knightsbridge !

    Go and have fun at LV !
  13. If you're also looking for a briefcase then I wouldn't suggest getting the manhattan GM. Last week I wanted to photocopy some papers, so I placed them in a brand new cardboard A4 folder. I couldn't even zip up the bag properly, one corner was sticking out. When I got home the new folder was all scrunched up in the corners, so I guess it really shows that it doesn't do much of a briefcase.

    I think the BH would do a better job, and price-wise it's also more worth it!
  14. I just had a thought! I have a CC that I hadn't christened yet that is interest free until April 07. Hmmmm....Also, it's in my name only so DH won't see the bill.

  15. I agree that a BH is a better choice to get briefcase use out of it too. Maybe with the price difference I can get a few accessories that you all talk about too. :graucho: