Going to LV brick shop pays

  1. I decided I would go over to Edinbugh and do some christmas shopping. I went to LV shop and adamant after a few online pictures and briefly seeing someone carry it, that i was going to buy the batignolles horizontal.

    I was so disappointed when i saw it in the shop and i'm so glad i didn't buy it. It looked great when i saw someone with it. It look really strong, plenty of space and with a gorgeous shape. What i saw in the shop looked the oppisite. It was such a let down!! The shop was so busy too that i felt like i was flinged to oneside. I saw someone with the neverfull and it was lovely but the last one left. That was an awful experience so i just left.

    I'm glad i didn't buy it online. That would of been a disaster, but having said that i don't think i will be going back to the shop in a hurry. I had to wait for so long and ended up with nothing.

    Now i just have to decide if i should get the neverfull monogram 07 or 08
  2. Hey i might be going to LV tomorrow in edinburgh!! i dno what to get though :sad: .
  3. I love edinburgh especially at night when the castle all lit up!! Enjoy tomorrow.

    They only had one of the trunks and bag key holder left. They also had the wallet not sure how many. I recommend those, there're beautifull.