Going to look at Koobas this weekend ...

  1. and I can go to Neiman Marcus or Saks - experience better with one store than the other? Thanks.
  2. Personally, I like NM, and I hear they have a beauty event going on as well... : )
  3. I think it depends where you are. There are two NM's and Saks in my area (DC Metro). I find that Neiman's has a larger Kooba selection than Saks. Maybe you can call in advance?
  4. I am going to NMs... will update when I get back!
  5. Oh! Koobas are my fav. Post pics if you find a pretty new friend!
  6. I'd try to puchase a Kooba on-line because then you can get a discount, no tax, and usually free shipping. Not so with retail!

  7. ITA!!

    I just tried to tell my friend that wanted a black Kooba Sienna and what did she do? Ordered online BUT at elux soooo no discount code and had to paid for shipping. UGH! :sad: