Going to London - Where to Buy Fab Bag???

  1. I'll be in London at the end of October and think I may go shopping for a wee bit....so, where should I go to find some "fab finds" :wlae: (bags, of course!)?
    A neighborhood that offers lots of boutiques?
    Where are your favorites places to purchase unique and interesting bags?
    Suggestions would be MOST appreciated!!!
  2. My fav place for bags is Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge just along the way from Harrods (which is also fab). Both of course do all the top designers so you might not find anything too unique.

    Bond Street W1 has lots of smaller interesting boutiques. Places like Portobello Road and Camden Market are supposed to be good, but its been a long time since I've been there.

    Have a look at this cool site. You can do a virtual trip down all the streets and see the shops


    Where are you from?
  3. When I was in London for my honeymoon last year, our hotel was right off Oxford Street. I bought my Marc Jacobs Venetia @ Selfridge, and we also saw some amazing bags @ Harrods.
  4. If you're after designer bags, I'd recommend both Harvey Nichols and Harrods, both in Knightsbridge. They're huuuge stores and have pretty much every high end designer you can think of.

    For unique bags, try camden market for stalls that sell unique designs of bags.

    HTH! :smile:
  5. Thanks for your recommendations...I'm from DC - so I have access to lots of the top stores and boutiques (NM, Saks, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, YSL, etc) - wanted to get more of a feel for something new and not common here.
    Wow, I will take a look-see at the link, sounds like fun! ...and you're spot on - giving me the recommendation for smaller, more unique boutiques and places. Best to you and thanks again
  6. I would steer clear of the high end designer stuff anyway - it is all so much more expensive here than in the US, especially with the $-£ exchange rate at the moment.

    Have a fab trip in our beautiful Capital.
  7. Glynis -
    Thanks for your advice....I want to find something that I would not find here in DC...IMO, makes it more special and indicative of my trip there. Two of you came up w/Camden Market - so I'll make it there.
    LOVE London....have been several times, but have never really "shopped".....I have some free solo time while DH is at a conference, so I thought purchasing was in order.
    Best to you :yes:
  8. Don't forget to pop into Liberty, they also have a good selection of bags (and shoes and ................). Have fun.

  9. Oh yes, Liberty of London......
    thanks for the recommendation :yes:
  10. and Koh Sumuai in Covent garden is a much smaller boutique style store with lots of lovely items.

    Perhaps consider, visiting Portobello Market for amazing one offs and vintage finds :biggrin:

  11. One word.
  12. Hi doll!

    in my domestic & int'l travels i've actually found Lucky magazine recommendations to be pretty good!

    try this for London--

    there are both the big names, and tiny places too...
  13. Liberty definitely and maybe one of the smaller boutiques in Monmouth Street. Don't forget Pickett in Sloane Street either - often overlooked and some amazing bags.
  14. Checkout the Liberty of London website at:


    They have started to receive most of their Autumn/Winter collection now. British Racing Green is one of the new colours they are doing this season and its absolutely amazing!

    Also, check out Tanner Krolle - though, their prices seem to have shot up over the past year...
  15. Jandelivs
    thanks babe, can always count on you!!!!:yahoo:

    Miss Sooky
    will check it out, thanks!

    I will indeed be making the stop at Liberty, and it would be appropriate to have a bag colored "British Racing Green" - yes?

    Thanks everyone for your wunnerful assistance!