Going to London next week...

  1. ...to help my sister settle in for her first year at LCF! I was wondering if there were any places that are MUST SEES aside from the typical London Eye and Buckinham Palace (I've been once and may go again for my Mother's sake)???

    I have loads of friends staying there so I can go clubbing etc. but since there are so many trendy ladies and gentlemen from London on PF, I was wondering if there were any new hot spots for shopping (duh), food and fun??

    THANKS!! :wlae:
  2. Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods...there the best three places. ;)
  3. In addition to those stores mentioned above, go to Portobello Rd. There's a flea market there. Very cool place. (on Saturday, I think) and also one at Covent Gardens. Not to be missed. Don't miss St. Pauls Cathedral, the Tower of London tour, LUSH (fantastic handmade cosmetics store), Wagamama's (excellent Chinese restaurant chain), even Boot's Pharmacy has a load of cool stuff.

    If you have time, take a day trip to Bath. It's absolutely beautiful. I think there's a combination Bath and Stonehenge tour.
  4. I'm going over next week too! Ren has nice stuff too.
  5. Well for shopping I like - Libertys (much better than Selfridges particularly the bag dept), Dover street market, of course the big Oxford circus Topshop which does live up to the hype I feel. Where are you based? Portobello market on a saturday is fab and HUGE, go early as it gets packed but there are so many fantastic stalls, shops etc that you could spend all day there! On a sunday head to Spitalfields market just a short walk from Liverpool street station,fantastic vintage and small designers doing their own stuff. If you carry on towards Brick Lane (only five minutes) there are great vintage shops like Rokit and Absolute vintage plus more small designers and loads of great food. Ren stuff IS nice, it is a line of skin and hair stuff all made with nothing artificial and smells divine - they have a shop in the side of Liverpool street station, probaly not open Sundays, but Liberty and Selfridges sell it. Harrods and Harvey Nicks are worth a look too and I love the unique Lulu Guinness shop on Ellis street near sloane square too - but then I do collect her bags!

    I go to the Shad Thames area next to Tower Bridge to eat - I like the Blueprint cafe in the Design Museum - more a proper restaurant than a cafe despite the name! I've always had great food and service there and its good for a special occasion, but there are a host of other places to eat that are cheaper, Ask is a reasonable cheap (for london!) pizza place just next door.You get a great view of Tower Bridge all lit up as you eat.

    As for nightclubs - not a clue!! I'm a bit long in the tooth for clubbing nowadays!!! I can tell you about museums - we have some of the best ones in the world, if you are interested!!!!
  6. For shopping, Start on Charlotte Road in Shoreditch is very groovy, as is Koh Samui on Monmouth Street in Covent Garden. I can never leave either of those two without SOMETHING. Spitalfields market on the weekend is a dizzyingly wonderful experience, all kinds of groovy young design work and food. But the ultimate foodie trip is Borough Market, near London Bridge Station. Get there early, have breakfast, and eat your way through to lunch, and make sure not to miss the Chorizo sandwiches.

    fave Thai place -- Chiang Mai on Frith Street. Been going back for years.

    Culture -- TATE MODERN. really great fun. The Sir John Soane Museum is the most unusual museum anywhere. I'm a little over the Saatchi Collection, but if you are down on Kings Road shopping, and want to see the newest/hottest art, go there. The souvenir t-shirts are great.

    If you have the time, make sure to do a long walk along the river -- over Westminster bridge to the South Bank Centre, down to the Tate Modern and back over to St. Pauls. Also, a bit of a trek, but Kew Gardens is stunning, and the river walk down by Richmond is so nice on a sunny day. At the east end of things, Greenwich is also equally charming, and has a great little market in the middle of the village on the weekend.

    ACK! I'm going next week too!
  7. I had just a couple of days in London back in June, and the two things that really stood out for me were Westminster Abbey and Bond Street shopping. Covent Garden was very cool too, reminded me a bit of Fanueil Hall in Boston, but with a Harvard Square edge.
  8. pointie - you are so right, how could I forget Borough market, it is a foodies dream! It is on Friday 11-4 and sat 8-4, located right next to London Bridge and Southwark Cathedral. A good walk is to start at St. Pauls and walk across the milennium bridge to the Tate Modern - so worth a look, even the building itself is awesome. Then walk along the river bank past Shakespeares Globe and the Anchor at Bankside pub (parts of which date back to Shakespearean times and are reputedly haunted). If you are a wine buff you can have a look around Vinopolis wine museum and do some wine tasting on the way!Then on to borough and soak all the alcohol up with some divine food. It gets busy on fri lunchtimes and sat mid-morning onwards, so fri afternoons or early sat are a good time to go.It is housed in a lovely 400 year old covered market - you can either grab eats from a stall and sit in the beautiful grounds of the cathedral if the weather is nice or go to one of the many restaurants - go posh and go to Roast which sits above the market, maybe get some oysters from wrights oyster house - up to you!
  9. All of the above mentioned places are great! I especially re-reccomend Portobello market for cute vintage finds. And the regular Bond st/Sloane st for couture fashion, Harrods for the historical factor, and Harvey for all things hip! I also love Selfridges on Oxford Street.

    I suggest seeing a play or musical on the West end, its a must!

    Clubbing wise, Aura, Movida, Tramps and Cuckoo are great! Have fun and feel free to PM me with questions once you get here!
  10. ooooh thanks for all the tips!! I'll def. check out Portabello Road and the other places!

    I've been to Selfridges and Covent Garden but I'll def. go again since this'll be my mum's first time. I was a history student and took loads of British history classes so I'm really excited! (I know, what a geek!)

    I can't wait to check out the clubs too because I'll be celebrating my B-day in London (YAY!!!) and it's on a Saturday!

    So..what are you ladies wearing? I'm planning to 'pack light' (lol) since I'll just be there for 5 days...what should I pack??
  11. Hi Toiletduck, weather is glorious in London at the moment, I have had my roof down and the car was showing 27 degrees this morning. We are set for another week of great weather (according to the weather report, it is the warmest start here to a September since 1949!!!)

    Pack a cardi or two, it is UK after all, and the weather can change at any minute. But I have a silk dress and bare legs today, and am very warm :biggrin:

    have a great flight over ;)