Going to London, any tips???

  1. So im going to to London with a friend soon :yahoo:, were staying a week. It'll be my first time in England and any help would be appreciated :smile:

    I'd be soooo grateful if you can recommend nice places to shop (no need to mention harrods or topshop :biggrin: ofcourse I'll check them out, goes wthout saying :biggrin:) or cool clubs :yes: Anything!! I haven't had the time to check these things out yet, so I'd love to hear about london, the good and the bad, truly everything about good places to eat to how to travel (by bus or subway) or any culture things I should know, Thankyou :smile:
  2. Fortnam & Mason does this wonderful afternoon tea.

    Touristy stuff is always great:

    The Tower of London (Do the guided tour and then explore on your own. The Crown Jewels are there)

    London Dungeon (ifyou're brave enough)

    Hampton Court Palace (the Henry VIII side is fascinating)

    See a musical in the theatre district.

    If you want to see everything, do the guided bus tour. (And if it's not raining, sit on the top deck.)
  3. Attractions

    The National Gallery

    The Tate Modern and Tate Britain

    The Natural History Museum

    Buckingham Palace

    London Eye


    Bond Street

    Oxford Street, South Molton Street

    Potrobello Road

    Must go to the King's Road and Sloane Square etc

    Clubs and bars




  4. Ooh thanks, I've been thinking about the tea thing for a while. Any nice tea room suggestions?? (aren't they called tea rooms?)

    And the clubs; Ive heard about mahiki, but isn't it like really hard to get in there :biggrin:??
  5. This link is a fantastic shopping guide. It will tell you what shops are on what street (even which side) closest tubes etc.


    Obviously for shopping as well as Harrods - Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are also a must.

    This links is a great theatre link, tells you what's on in what theatre and gives links to purchase tickets.


    This link gives you travel information around London specifically I've set it to tell you about the Oyster card.


    Have a fantastic trip to London - can't wait to read all about it.
  6. Obviously there is no other afternoon tea than either the Ritz or the Savoy! :roflmfao:
  7. If you want a guide book, the Dorling Kindersley Travel Guide: London was my Bible when I was studying there. It's filled with pictures, floorplans and everything you'd want to know.
  8. My favourite for having your afternoon tea is Kensington Palace. You can even sit outside with lovely views over the garden (weather permitting :supacool:)

    As mentionned before: King's Road is one of my favourite to shop (less crowded)
    --> go to Blue Velvet for a wide selection of nice flat ballerinas
    --> visit the top-floor café of Peter Jones @ Sloane Square: very nice view over London

    If you need dressy business shirts go to T.M. Lewin (always very good prices)

    If you like antique silver (from frames to candlesticks to jewellery and cuttlery), go to the London Silver Vaults!

    My alltime favourite: new Boots flagship store on Oxford Street --> cosmetics, cosmetisc.......:graucho:

    Quick lunch or dinner : Wagamama
    Very nice restaurant (you need to book in advance; pricey but worth the money IMO): Asia de Cuba
    another favourite of mine: Brown's Restaurant and Bar

    Victoria & Albert Museum always has some cool fashion exhibitions (mostly free)

    As for travelling: Tube is quick & easy. Try to walk as well if the distance is not too long. This way, you will be able to see all the different "villages" within London

    Hope this helps you! And ENJOY!!! :yahoo:
  9. London is very busy a lot of people going somewhere and doing there own thing they will bump you to get past and it can get confusing and frustrating just take a deep breath and you'll get the swing of it if it starts to get a little too much take a break.

    Have a great time there are some fab shops!!

    Check out Krispy Kreme on the groundfloor of Harrods for the best donuts you'll ever taste
  10. Do any of you Londoners have recommendations for good Korean BBQ in the city?

  11. That was going to be my suggestion! Lol... I ate there entirely too much on my repeated visits to my bf while he studied there.

    The V&A and the British Museum are great too, if you like the museum stuff. Enjoy your trip!
  12. omg.. i love london.. the best place to spend most of your time in.. HARRODS!!
  13. Oh I loved london. I thought that the people were so nice there compared to here in Chicago! I remembered being so surprised on the train because everyone was so quiet and the train was so clean! I would love to go back.
  14. it's not really that hard to get in anywhere.. just get yourself on a list, usually you can call up the club in the day and ask to get put on their list. if not there are a million and one club promoters that do the same. they bombard me with e-mails every bloody day and i'm a bit past clubbing :cursing:

    one tea which is really fun is the prêt-à-portea at the berkeley but you have to book pretty far ahead usually. all the cakes are in the shape of clothes :biggrin: it's really tasty too. not the most traditional but i like it. liberty do a nice tea too, and you can sit and look out at the handbags when you drink it :nuts: