Going to List my Groom agenda BUT will it still come up on an search??

  1. So eBay wont let me have Louis Vuitton in my listing title. If I list it like "Vuitton LV Monogram Groom Agenda RED" will it still come up on a search or no?

    I'm trying to buy a car and need to let go of some of my tiny LV collection AND i wanna get a Koala Agenda anyway either the mono rose or damier. (if i can find one)

    but i dont wanna waste my time and $ listings this on eBay if it wont come up on a search?? anyone know.

    (i thought about listing this is the eBay section but i thought maybe it'd be okay here because its specifically about LV, move it if need be)

    Thanks in advance.:tup:
  2. Hmm, that's wierd. I don't understand why they are doing that.

    I think Vuitton LV will work...also, if you have "Louis Vuitton" in the description I think it also comes up in eBay searches.

    Good luck!
  3. it'll depend what the buyer searches by but I would think by having Vuitton & LV you'd pretty much be covered
  4. thanks! I really hope so. IDK why they are giving me such a hard time anyways. i have 100% positive feedback and have sold nothing but authentic items!
  5. You can try it this way, search Vuitton and LV.

    When I searched Vuitton it came up with 2253 items.

    LV got 182 items.

    Both together got 116 items.

    So I thnk you have it covered.

    You should call eBay and talk to someone about that. There seems no reason for them to be doing that to you...

    Do they take your listings down if you put Louis Vuitton in there?

    Or maybe it's someone reporting your listing over and over until it gets pulled... LOL. That just popped into my head, like someone trying to sabatoge you. LOL IDK. I'm weird.
  6. I always wonder what it is about a listing that gets you 'on restriction.' I sell LV from my collection every once in a while, maybe a dozen items total so far, but I've never had restrictions put on me. :shrugs: I'm not a seller the majority of the time though, maybe that has something to do with it.

    Anyhoo... When I'm browsing through ebay I just search for "vuitton."
  7. How odd.. every item I search for has "Louis Vuitton" in the title. It's what it is, after all! Try using Live Help, they're usually great I've found.
  8. ummm, maybe want to read the rules again please?
  9. lol. i wish. im not part of the MP though so no selling on here for me.....yet....*crosses fingers*
  10. Frankie, please re-read the rules. . . .
  11. I have done that and I'm still not a member of the marketplace... I have almost 1300 posts... and have been here since march...

    Maybe they just hate ME.
  12. let's get off the MP topic please.