Going to Leesburg VA outlet

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  1. I am thinking of going to the Leesburg, VA outlet tomorrow. Is there anything I should check to see if they have for anyone?
  2. I just went there last week and got awesome treasures for meself. Hope you have fun and do come back and tell us what you find there.
  3. I was just in there last night...I only went to return a few things, so I tried not to look around too much (it's hard though!!). They had a lot of the pebbled leather bags, a lot of gallery leather totes in parchment, black and I think camel?, some heritage stripe things but I believe only in the geranium (orange'ish color) and the grass (green) color, and some sig.Carleys though I only recall seeing the khaki color.
    In the clearance area, they had a black legacy leather satchel (see pic) I've been wanting since I first saw it, but it looks way too huge for me, a white patent francine (although someone was checking it out while I was there, so it may be gone now), a canvas/white patent lily, a pond (blue) patent ergo, a couple of patent gallery totes, a putty legacy shoulder bag and a few other bags I didn't pick up to check out very closely. Hope you find some good stuff when you go!!

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  4. o:huh:Ooo let me know what you find I am very interested......am insterested in some patchwork or carlys especially and wristlets
  5. Ah- you just reminded me-I'm not positive about now, but about three-four weeks ago they did have the khaki color patchwork Carlys and gallery (?) tote style (I got a Carly plus the matching wallet and wristlet), but I think last night they only had some of the gallery tote style left, and I'm not sure whether they still had the matching wristlets or wallets.
  6. I saw CAA last night when I was there, I hadn't been in quite a few days so the selection was different for me, got one of the new dog key fobs also while I was there.
  7. BunnyMasseuse-
    Did I remember everything correctly? I was SO not trying to buy anything so I went through the store really quickly until I saw you in front of the clearance area and stopped to chat.

    BTW, did you see a single bag in a display space against the front wall (to the left of the front door) that was like a tweed or wool fabric tote. It was all by itself in a display "cube" for lack of a better term. I really liked the style of the bag but wasn't crazy about all the colors in it, but it vaguely reminded me of the tattersall pattern (w/ more stripes and thinner stripes) . I looked inside and it had an "F" in front of the serial number which means it was a 'made-for-the-factory' bag right? I'm going to look for it on e-bay and will post pics if I find it.
  8. CA - wow - none of the good stuff you mention was there yesterday. I thought new stuff was put out on Thursdays but Wednesday nights look even better.
    I am a big dog lover so I had to buy that dog key fob and another dangly one that had dog items on it. I will have to post pics if I can get my camera working. I also got a beautiful plum colored bag - can you believe I dont even know what style it is - I just fell in love with the plum leather. Will post soon.
  9. What else did you see at the outlet?
  10. Yeah F is for factory, let me know what you find on the BAY.

    That's about it, and the green leather MIMI that I didn't end up buying went back on the shelf too.
  11. I dont know names of things - so bear with me - I am just a big Legacy person but dont know the other lines.
    A fabric Legacy Gigi (I think) was there but it was about $550 with discount and I like the look of it but too big for me.
    They had dark denim with little ccs on it - they had fabric Carlys - oh you can see I stink at this.......
    I will post what I bought
  12. I couldn't believe when I read the heading of your thread and your user name...my name is Nancy, I live in Virginia, and I called the Leesburg Coach outlet today to ask what they had in patent leather! They told me they had a lot of Francine bags, but not much else with patent. What a small world. :smile:
  13. Hi Mayhurst,
    Yeah - I did not notice much patent. I only got a little $20 patent tiny wristlet - I did read the card about the patent and it stated that the patent dulls with time - dont like that much

    My name is Nancy and my last name begins with N. How about you?
  14. My last name begins with D. I just ordered the red patent Peyton...how do you think it will hold up? I don't plan on carrying it when it's raining or snowing, as I have more than a few other Coach bags I could use on such days. :smile: Do you go to the Leesburg Coach very often? How do you find their selection? I am mostly familiar with the Coach outlet at the Tanger Outlets on Hwy. 17 in Myrtle Beach and it is generally very good. We spend about 8 weeks a year down there and the outlet is very close to our condo. I live in McLean and the Leesburg outlet is quite a drive.
  15. Mayhurst,
    I am orginally from NJ and am familiar with the New Hope, PA outlet which is small and did not have as much variety as the Leesburg outlet - the Myrtle Beach (first visited this year on vacation - we stayed on the beach at Oceans One) outlet seemed much bigger to me. Every time I go to any outlet it is a different experience.
    I live in Fairfax and it is a big hike - I take the Greenway and it is $3 each way - which is a pain.