Going to Las Vegas....

  1. Just found out that we FINALLY sold my mother's house in Las Vegas and now I've got to go close on it and get it cleaned out, furniture moved and all the little odds n ends straightened away. And this at the end of July! :shocked:

    I guess you can well imagine what treat I have in store for myself at the end of this moving marathon.....2 nights at Bellagio and a trip to Hermes!

    But I digress......

    My question is this....I'm taking Princess Caramel Coromandel Kelly for sure. But I was thinking to take the HAC as well as a carry-on. Somehow though I'm also thinking this is not a good idea since it's Box leather and the LAST thing I want is for it to be messed up....going thru security and laying in the overhead. Anyone bring their Birkin on the plane?
  2. OOOHH, even thinking about putting a Hermes bag on one of those conveyor belts give me the willies... But I guess, it can't be helped if you want to use it on trips.
  3. I have a 45cm Birkin I use as a carry-on, and for that reason I chose togo. The chevre will handle the wear and tear much better than the box.
  4. Don't take Lady H as carry-on S-mom......you'll cry if she gets hurt.....

    hell - I'LL cry!!!!!!:cry:

    If you do - no overhead locker - just hold her on your lap - awkward, but that's what I'd do if I took her along!
  5. Kristie....I WOULD cry if anything happened to her. I think if I start traveling again I'd do exactly what hermesgroupie did and buy a 35cm Togo Birkin for a carry-on.

    Hermesgroupie....do you store it in the overhead or under the seat in front of you when you travel?

  6. yes...I can see that happening......:lol: :roflmfao:


    even if you DON'T start travelling agin, I can see that happening!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!
  7. :lol: :lol: ...oh verrrrry funny.....:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    but even I can see that happening.....:shocked:
  8. :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  9. Make sure you sure that you have a separate bag that you can put your Hermes bag in (like the Longchamp) so that you don't need to directly put the Hermes bag on the conveyor belt.
  10. Hmmmm, not a bad idea.:idea:

    Shopmom, she's crammed under the seat. I know, bad Hermes mommy.:sad: But I don't worry about the scratches, togo cleans so beautifully that you wouldn't know it was ever scratched when you get your bag back from refurbishing. Honestly, it's a very sturdy leather. Togo also is very pliable so the bag can be folded and put inside a suitcase and taken out when arriving at your destination.
  11. I went insane and crazy for at least a week when I got the first scratchhhhhhhhhhhhhh on one of my Birkins!!!!:yucky: I heard ONLY the first scratch or signs of wear kills you. After that you accept it as normal phenomina. If you don't plan to buy bags, and just keep them in the box or in a display case, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep the perfect condition forever. I just enjoy using my tresures instead going nuts trying to keep it perfect while I am carrying it.
  12. you can try hiding it under your legs during the flight. another member on tfs does this.
  13. i have rarely used a birkin as a carry-on. instead i always travelled with a trolley as on-board luggage inside: my bags 1 pair of shoes and 2 outfits in case my luggage gets lost.
    ah and i found that a handheld bag is not the best choice when travelling as you have to schlep it around open close it all the time and you need your hands for handling all these documents. so for me it was always a vuitton shoulder bag where i simply didn´t have to care about scratches etc.(after a few travels i was happy that not any of my hermès bags had to go through all that just by looking at the tortured vuitton:wtf: )
    ah and since i am anal about matching things my onboard handbag has to match my luggage :rolleyes: :supacool:
  14. Does that mean you have matching LV luggage?
  15. oh ahem sort of i have the trolley and a beauty case (that i both use as onboard luggage)and want to have a red epi alzer for car travel and decoration in my closet :shame: .(used to have 2 alzer anglaise when married)
    i would love to use their hardcase trunks on each and every journey but they weight a ton have no weels and are totally impractical .and as i know how luggage is treated by ground staff there is no way i will fork out cash for designer check in plane luggage (i use rimowa and samsonite instead but thinking about globe trotter at the moment as they are more stylish and equally durable ) but for the luggage i use as carryon i love to have them stylish and ,matching to my handbag and match even my jewelry that day to the hardware :lol: