Going to LA MOCA exhibit on thurs! OMG!!! Anyone in the area?

  1. Hey, i put this up front instead of in the meets bc that section doesn't get much traffic and i am leaving in about 5 days! I fly from Florida to LA all on thurs morn, then fly BACK on fri morning! crazy i know, but the only way i could make the exhibit!

    so, I was wondering if any of you tpfers out in the LA area had any suggestions where to go, walking or cab or otherwise. food, pubs, bars, clubs, anything for a full night out and about in LA!

    I am 25 years old and ready to go!, so I am out and about and ready to rock! this is my first trip alone in many more years than i can count! i am so excited, even if it is only for one night!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to say have a wonderful time, this sounds like a fab trip! I cannot wait to hear a full report when you return.
  3. Go out to Melrose or La Cienega for an amazing dinner!
  4. i went on google and saw melrose as a street, but not as a restaurant. is it a busy downtown style street? if so, what other areas would i be interested in?
  5. Weekend nights- hit Sunset Strip! (between Doheny & La Cienaga), major party action!

    Also- I was at MOCA yesterday- if you are coming to buy LV be aware that the ONLY item left is the small Neverfull, the exhibit is awesome though!

    Are you renting a car? MOCA is on the other side of town from Sunset. FYI there is not too much going on downtown as far as clubs...
    if you want to stay downtown I might suggest the roof bar at the downtown Standard hotel, very hip but I don't know how busy it is. There are also a few dance clubs downtown that cater to the latino crowd. If that's not what you are into then your best bet is Sunset Strip- go to the Standard, Skybar at the Mondrian, the Saddle Ranch gets pretty crazy and there is no velvet rope, the Chateau Marmont is swank and on Sunset too.
  6. OH!and remember that the Murakami exhibit is at MOCA at the Geffen in Little Tokyo- there are 3 MOCA locations in LA!!!!!
  7. ^^^thanks so much! im just going to take a cab around so i don't have to worry about driving! super excited! no lil hand rondes are left? oh man, i really wanted one of those BADLY! i jsut bought a plain neverfull to take with me on the trip bc i wasn't a big fan of the print on that bag. but i love it on the ronde!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Also remember exhibit is coming to NY in April. Not sure about a Pop-up shop
  9. its already been said that the only LV store installation was going to be in la! crappola!
    thanks for the heads up tho!
  10. ^^^sweet! thanks!
  11. ooooo... MOCA Geffen Contemporary is located right next to Japanese Town in Downtown Los Angeles. There are GREAT little spots within walking distance of it. They have great genuine Japanese restaurants near it, like sushi and ramen, and if you go a street down, there is a Pinkberry that opened there last year. So if you haven't tried it yet, it's there -and everyone that visits me from out of state asks me to take them to Pinkberry for some strange reason, I guess its VERY LA.

    Other than that, there's not much else in Downtown LA that is a great tourist spot within walking distance of the MOCA exhibit. Try taking a cab to the Westside, and perhaps you can hit up Rodeo/Bev Hills, and Sunset Blvd/Melrose area should only be 15 mins away from there if there isn't crazy traffic.

    Have fun! and feel free to ask more questions! -There are a LOT of LA tPF'ers that probably all have great tid-bits to share about it here
  12. Great suggestions! Also, the Roosevelt hotel for drinks is a cool vibe but it can be snobbish:supacool: as celebrities and their entourage hang out. If you are a male make sure to wear dress shoes and a button shirt and no jeans. That way you are not limited due to dress codes. Have fun!
  13. You're taking the cab everywhere? FYI, be prepared to pay a lot of $ for the fare. Also with trafic that's going to add to your cab fare.

    TIP: Once you exit the airport, go out and wait for the FLYAWAY bus. Look above you where there are a bunch of signs and follow where it says FLYAWAY. There are several ones and you should take the one that is bound to go to UNION STATION. You can't miss the bus. It has huge letters "FLYAWAY" written on the sides of the bus. The fare is around $4. Then once you get to UNION STATION, you can take a cab to go to MOCA at Geffen - a few miles away. That should save you money on the cab fare (a good $50, maybe). PM me if you're confused w/ my instructions.

    Girl, you sound like you just booked a plane ticket on a whim! Ahhh, to be young again ;). Good for you and have fun!
  14. Have a great time.