Going to LA for Vacation!


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
Well, my sister is foreign exchanging to Australia for 10 months come Janurary, and, her plane leaves from LAX at the end of Jan. And, since we live in VA, my mom has decided that the three of us will go with my sister to LA to see her off. Problem is, my mom has no idea where to stay in LA. She said she's been looking into hotels online, but, has read some reviews about some shady places and with my dad not coming with us, we obviouslly want to stay in a nice neighborhood, and not overlly far from LAX, since we don't plan on renting a car.

So, the purpose of this post is, any of you girls that either live out in LA, or, have been to LA, can you recommend some place to stay, or, at least a general area that my mom should look into? I'd also like to stay someplace thats close to some shopping, but, staying in a good neighborhood is more important to me obviouslly lol.

Thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate it! :yes:


Good hotels.... if you want to be near shopping, anywhere in Beverly Hills is good.... close areas that are also good include West Hollywood, Century City, West LA, and Santa Monica(that's where I live). SM is closest to the beach, WeHo is farther but they're all near BH. I'd stay away from downtown, midtown, and Hollywood.... There are other nice areas too, but if you want to be in the thick of things, those places I suggested are best.

I hope you enjoy your trip!!
Aug 14, 2006
Not renting a car??? Do you plan on taking cabs? It would be cheaper to rent than to cab it. LA is very diversified in area, even if you get a hotel by LAX it's not within walking distance to anywhere else. Actually, nothing is within walking distance to one another in LA. If you plan on just staying in one neighborhood in LA, then Santa Monica is the way to go. Great shopping there (Third Street Promenade, Montana Ave), close to airport (10-15 min drive depending on traffic), and there's a nice Sheraton hotel there too.