Going to Korea for surgery looking for a new friend


Apr 26, 2020
Hi so my plan was to Go to korea For facial contour and breast augmentation in September hoping they lift the quarantine. I already booked an air bnb with 2 rooms
for 2 weeks but can change to any date if I have to and just rebook. And it has flexible cancellation But I am only planning to stay for 2 weeks most. If they do not lift quarantine. I will just cancel and rebook another month later in the year. As soon as the borders are lifted

I was planning to go with a friend but they are not able to come. So I’m looking for a new friend who’s also getting plastic surgery. And may be interested to share the Airbnb with me as we can take care of eachother and support each other ☺. However the Airbnb I booked is for 2 weeks in Gangnam Area and is 800 for us both. so we would split 400. If anyone is interested. Let me know. Thanks


Feb 16, 2020
I’m going later this year but still monitoring, I’m only doing DES but I will be staying with my family! I’m happy to go to with you to visit clinics and hang out tho!