Going to Japan this summer..any must buy beauty products over there??

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  1. Hi everyone!! I'm super excited cuz I've just decided that I would go to Japan in the summer :graucho: it's not my first time over there but it never occured to me that I should buy beauty products over there!! (I guess I didn't really care about my looks before..at least not as much as I do now! :p )

    so..the big question..
    what beauty products should I buy there that I probably won't get in north america??

    any suggestions??:wlae: :heart:

    thanks again ladies, you ppl are the best :flowers:
  2. I don't know if you can get Kanebo products in North America but they are wonderful. Their mascara is especially worth a try. Hope you have a great trip!
  3. Buy Dior or Chanel over there... they have their own line/promo which you cannot get local!
  4. my friend just came back from japan and she bought these wierd little sticil things for putting on blush and eyebrow colour. you can get different shapes to make your cheek bones look more prominent
  5. Your so lucky I have to go over there. say they have some amazing lines over there
  6. Sk Ii
  7. grab some stuff from SK-II, Shiseido, and Kanebo..these are great japanese brands....shu uemura is kinda expensive there, but depends on the location.
  8. SK-II all the way!!

    Def try the facial treatment mask and essence.
  9. i heard great things about RMS lip gloss and it's only available in asia. I'm going to get some myself when I visit BF in HK in the fall.
  10. ^^ sorry i meant RMK lipgloss