going to japan april 11-16, 2016

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  1. hey guys I plan on going to japan this month of april 11- 16 2016.

    I have no clue where to stay (city locations) and what to do as well as what to avoid.
    all I know is to stay away from red light districts but I don't know which cities those are.

    what should I bring or not bring?
    how should I prepare?

    any advice or help is appreciated.
  2. Which part of Japan are you going to? I might be able to help!
  3. we are thinking of Tokyo, japan. we really want to stay away from the redlight district as I have heard horror stories but I don't even know the list of those.
  4. It depends on what sights you want to see but staying near any of the stations on the Yamanote line are usually pretty convenient if you are getting a JR pass - Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc.

    You can get pretty much anything you may need in Japan so I can't think of anything you would need to specifically bring with you:smile:

    You may be able to catch the cherry blossoms around that time as well!
  5. I was a first time visitor to Tokyo in Sept (from US). We stayed at the Park Hyatt and found it a good base (15 min walk from transport station) and we didn't run into anything seedy. We walked all around Shunjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara ... It was all amazing!
  6. I heard the park hyatt is pricey. did you get a deal?
  7. Nope! Lol - it was very pricey. But we are huge Lost in Translation fans and figured this might be our only trip to Tokyo so we might as well save and stay at the place we wanted. I can say that it was worth it ... Best service I have ever had anywhere. Food was great, gym and spa were fantastic ... And the location, for us, was convenient - just a 10-15 minute walk to the train station.
  8. I've always stayed near Shinjuku station at Keio plaza. It's one of the main train hub so really easy to go anywhere. It's also near the business area so more quiet at night but very safe. Generally, rooms are smaller unless you stay at a Western-styled hotel.
  9. I just came back from Japan last week and stayed in Ginza. It was my first visit and the location was perfect as close to the main shopping strips in the area. Designer heaven and plenty of department stores. Was a quick train trip to Shinjuku as well. We stayed at Mercure Hotel which is very basic, but we had limited time when arranging and a lot of hotels were booked out at that time.
  10. how was the weather?

    we are leaving today. yay!

    I was not able to get the wifi in time. I hope I can get it there same day from a vendor. any advice on how to search for one once we get there?
  11. There were a number of wifi rental places in the airport (Narita) - should be easy to procure. Pocket wifi is a necessity in Tokyo, I believe!
  12. I found free wi-fi was available in many areas, even outside on the street able to pick up from the department stores. Some of the trains had free wi-fi as well, but I don't speak Japanese, so couldn't figure that out.

    I was there in last week of March and early April, weather was a bit cooler than expected, about 10-12 degrees Celsius, so I had on a coat most of the time, but started to warm up the last few days up to 18-20 degrees Celsius, which was really nice.

    I was told the cherry blossoms were late to bloom this year because of colder weather, but was nice to finally see them early April in Tokyo. Enjoy your trip!

  13. Wow! I am a huge fan of Lost in Translation too! I have seen it three times and never get tired of it!
    So, If one day I go to Japan, I will stay at the Park Hyatt, whatever the cost....
  14. Do it!! Amazing service from every staff member, beautiful property ... We worked out in the gym, went to the spa for amazing massages, ate amazing food, loved the evening turndown service. And the New York Bar was a perfect, albeit pricey, way to end the evening at the top of the world. *sigh*