Going to INDIA in August!!! ahhhh

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  1. Hey all,

    For my Unite for Sight internship ill be going to and living in Chennai, India.. which is in Madras. Im going with my friend, who has family there and speaks the language but im scared out of my mind, I guess its because ive never done anything like this before... dont get me wrong, im excited, just sooo freaked.. ( i also deathly hate snakes)

    anyone have any tips or suggestions?? :heart:
  2. I have not been to Tamil Nadu but was in Kerala, which is the neighboring state. I highly recommend visiting there. PM me if you want specifics about where to go. Also, you can fly from Trivandrum, which is in the southern part of Kerala, to Maldives if you are looking for a beach escape (Goa in India is also an option). When I went a couple years ago, the flight to the Maldives was only about $250 USD roundtrip. Well worth a visit.

    Chennai and Madras are the same I believe. Chennai is just the new name. I have heard great things about it though so I think you will enjoy it.

    btw, I do not recall seeing any snakes. If they were, I am sure they were for tourists, with snakecharmers and all.

    enjoy yourself. it will be a lot of fun. great food too...
  3. How exciting for you!! Don't be nervous, India is such an interesting place to visit! I've only been to Bangalore but would love to return and see more of the country.

    Chigirl gave great tips and hints for traveling in and outside the country. Yep, Madras is the former name of Chennai.

    One thing I recommend is visiting your doctor to inquire about any vaccinations you may need - nothing unusual but you may need boosters of typical vaccinations (e.g. Hep A&B, Tetanus, etc.). That's not just limited to traveling in India, you should have your shots up-to-date even just living in the United States!

    You should Google information about Chennai - what to do, eat, where to stay, dressing and shopping hints (India has beautiful textiles and pashimina for example).

    BTW I highly doubt you'll see snakes on the streets.

    Have fun!!!!
  4. thanks for all the tips, yes, I already got my 3 shots and im stocked up on Malaria pills.. thanks for the snake info, def soothed my mind!! :heart:

    Sooo excited!

  5. ooo woow!!! $250 is not bad for Goa, I hear Goa is sooo beautiful and incredible, just the violence has increased..so ill see :smile: Ill see if we can hop into Kerala also
  6. I've always wanted to go to India, you'll have to tell us all about it! Have fun on your trip!
  7. You'll have a fab time! Madras is known for its cotton fabrics ( i.e Madras plaid originated there) so def. look out for that. Slightly south are some of the most amazing temples in India- Mahaliburam etc. so those are a must see. A little farther south is Pondicherri, the only French Colonial city in India so very different than the majority of British Colonial India.

    Eeekk! So much more to tell so let me ruminate and I'll post later.
  8. You know, the one place I've always wanted to go is India. :smile:
  9. aw wow, thanks!! You sound like you know the place well, please please share any tips on what to pack, last minute emergency items etc. :smile:

    thanks! :heart:
  10. I've been there several times, as I have family there....I was there last summer in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Hydarabad...

    Enjoy the food, only drink bottled water (that goes w/ice too!), the chinese food in india is THE BEST! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! and miss it!

    Make sure you have sunscreen...its gonna be hot in August, and take tons of pictures, its such a unique place :smile: Have fun!

    if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me
  11. ^^thanks, i WILL do
  12. and the countdown begins im getting more and more nervous, anxious, excited, aaaaahh
  13. Well, if you can squeeze in a trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, it would be fabulous.
  14. Bring bug spray!!!
  15. ^^ haha, oh I willlll.. and Pepto Bismol and Malaria drugs and Purell!! :biggrin: