Going to Houston - Places to Buy Balenciaga

  1. I'm traveling to Houston in a couple weeks and am wondering if there are places in addition to NM at the Galleria to find Bbags? Also, any tips on areas of generally great eclectic boutique shopping would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!!
    • Texas (TX) Mix Modern Clothes Houston 713.522.0606
    • Texas (TX) Neiman Marcus Houston
    Those are from list stores that carry authentic Bbags. Good luck
  2. There is a store called Mix Modern that carry Balenciaga but they have a small collection. I moved from NYC down to Houston 2 years ago and the NM in the Galleria just recently started carrying Bbags. I was there today and I was very disappointed. They only had a few bags and although they are Fall '07 bags, nonetheless the leather was dry like the desert and dull on so many of them.
    As for boutiques.... I am still trying to discover them down here in Houston. I did find this one small boutique located in sugarland ... it resembles those small boutiques in SoHo or Tribeca in NYC where you find uniques item of clothing. Sorry I am not much help... to be honest I miss shopping in NYC :sad: and here in Houston I do my shopping online, the Galleria, or I would wait till I visit my family in NY.
  3. i don't think mix carries bal bags anymore...

    neiman's has the houston exclusive. at one point, bals were also sold at joseph in highland village, but they phased them out once neiman's got the exclusive deal.
  4. Thanks so much for the info girls. I hope Neimans gets some more before I get there. I'm specifically looking for a regular size courier or a GH Work. I used to live in NY too and I miss it soooooo much.
  5. Mix still does carry Bbags. My SA (Dean) called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me they had a new shipment.

    The Galleria has awesome shopping.

    I would try the Rice Village for unique boutiques. Chloe, winner of Project Runway, has a boutique there called Lot 8.
  6. There are some fun boutiques in the Westheimer/Montrose area.
  7. You should definitely stop by Tootsies. It's on Westheimer in Highland Village.
  8. Yeah!!! I love seeing members here in my area! I went to Mix the other day and they definitely still carry Bbags. From what I remember they had:
    Black, Tomato and White (maybe Ivory) First
    Many SGH bags and a few GGH bags
    Dean, called me the other day and said they were getting one Jaune First in and it would be there soon so I'm not sure if it's still there. Have fun and I hope you find something you want!
  9. I'll report back after my trip to let you know what I found. Thanks to all for your great suggestions!