Going to Hershey Park!!

  1. So I m going to hershey park and i m soooo excited!!! where to go?? what to do around ther?? which outlets are the best to visit??
  2. Well, since you posted here, you obviously know there is a Coach outlet there...lol! It's awesome!!! They have every outlet you could imagine there, trust me. You will have fun!!!
  3. i know there are like 4 outlets in the area... i cant go to all of them soooooooo which ones which ones!!??!
  4. Here is a complete list of all of the outlets...I think they are all in the same area called Outlet Square. Here is the link! I hope this helps a little!

  5. There is an outlet center RIGHT NEXT to Hersheypark when you exit the park on your right!!!!! They have a wonderful Coach store there w/ awesome SA's....we went in July and I purchased a White Ali, and they also had a whiskey, and a natural Ali as well, alot of signature bags, Ali hippies, etc....GREAT outlet store!!!! If you want something and do not see it, ASK for it, b/c sometimes they "hide things out" in the back I was told by one of their SA's!!!! Good luck and let me know how you do!!!!
  6. I will!!!