Going to Hershey Park!!

  1. So I m going to hershey park and i m soooo excited!!! where to go?? what to do around ther?? which outlets are the best to visit??
  2. Well, since you posted here, you obviously know there is a Coach outlet there...lol! It's awesome!!! They have every outlet you could imagine there, trust me. You will have fun!!!
  3. i know there are like 4 outlets in the area... i cant go to all of them soooooooo which ones which ones!!??!
  4. There is an outlet center RIGHT NEXT to Hersheypark when you exit the park on your right!!!!! They have a wonderful Coach store there w/ awesome SA's....we went in July and I purchased a White Ali, and they also had a whiskey, and a natural Ali as well, alot of signature bags, Ali hippies, etc....GREAT outlet store!!!! If you want something and do not see it, ASK for it, b/c sometimes they "hide things out" in the back I was told by one of their SA's!!!! Good luck and let me know how you do!!!!
  5. I will!!!