Going to Hawaii

  1. Hey everyone!! I am going to Hawaii in a few weeks and I was wondering if there are any stores that I should go to for a good deal. I have heard that Hawaii is generally expensive, but if anyone knows where I can find a steal please let me know thanks!!!
  2. If you're thinking of buying a Louis Vuitton, that's the place to get it. It's a little bit cheaper than the continental USA, but more importantly, their bags are MADE IN FRANCE....not Made in USA. You'll also save on sales tax which is only 4.166%
  3. oh, if you like sunnies, there's a sunglass store in the hyatt that sells premium sunglasses for 25% off, mostly last years models, with no tax! I saw a bunch of chanels but couldn't find one that fit me well. My mother walked out with a pair of Bvulgari's for $225. It's the hyatt on oahu(sp?), on the main drag near the beach.
  4. Thanks for this info... I will be going to Hawaii in about a week (I had plans on buying a bag before going, but now I will wait)
  5. Heeyyy :nuts: ...I'm going to Honolulu, Hawaii in a few weeks too!, for a family wedding. This'll be my first time, I'm not the "fun in the sun" kind of gal so, that's why I never been. I heard the shopping mall/malls are fabulous but, I too would love to find some bargains! Have fun Baglover26, maybe we'll bump into each other!:wlae:
  6. thanks guys!!! and for pursemama and chanelvgirl have fun in hawaii too!! Hope there are plenty of good deals for all of us!!
  7. Aloha Rag, Adasa, Coach and Chanel stores on Waikiki
  8. Can't wait, shopping is always excellent there. You have fun, too:yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. You're not going to the same wedding I'm going to, are you:nuts: .
    My brother is celebrating his 25th anniversary with wedding renewals. You will :heart: Hawaii, it's beautiful and so is the shopping:yahoo: :yahoo: Have a great time:yes:

  10. No:amuse:....this is a 2nd cousin inlaw (she's 26) who is getting married. Congrats to your brother, that's soo sweet to do a renewal of their marriage vows!:tender: I would like to do that someday too, it's only 18 yrs so far for us. :girlsigh: Have a great time in Hawaii too!
  11. I'm going in a month. I didn't know that the sales tax tehre is 4%!
  12. Wow, my dh and I just celebrated our 18th anniversary a couple of days ago:yahoo: I'm hoping to find something in LV or Chanel in Hawaii for my anniversary gift and bday. I'm excited:yahoo: