Going to Hawaii, could use suggestions....

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  1. Ok, so the whole gang is going to Maui in Oct! I'm so excited. We were thinking about the Grand Wailea or the Westin. We have never been so not really sure where to stay. Keep in mind that we have FOUR kids, so definitely want something kid friendly. The pools at the Grand Wailea look fantastic, but again we've never been there, so want to make sure wherever we stay is great! ;P

    Also, should I book the flight now or do you think it will go down at all in the next few weeks?

    Thanks for any and all help! ;)
  2. The Westin in Kaanapali is awesome! Very kid friendly and in the heart of everything. The rooms are nice. We stayed there, and we loved it. The beach is really nice too. We've also been to the Ritz Carlton in Kaapalua, and I didn't care for it. The rooms are TDF, but the atmosphere is really stuffy and the beach sucked. It's quite a hike down to it, and it's so windy, that you get sandblasted. I hate going to Hawaii to sit by a pool!!
  3. Grand Wailea. It's as great as the pictures show. Your kids are going to have a great time.
  4. I am also going in Oct. this will be my 3rd time in Maui. We are staying at the Marriott in Kaanapali. The area around that location (ie Westin, Hyatt, Marriott) is a great location you can walk to Wailers Village where you can eat, shop, (ie..Tiffanys, LV,etc:tup:) The beach on that side of the island is also better than the Wailea side. You are close to Lahaina about 15 min. We are going to have kids with us as well from age 12-20. Especially with the kids you are able to either lay out at the pool, or go to the beach or walk on the boardwalk to eat. It's also a great snorkling spot right at Black Rock. The hyatt has the best Spa as well, there quiet room over looks the ocean.

    When are you going? We leave Sept.30 and are there a week until Oct.7th
  5. we are taking the kids to Maui in late October, I think it is the 4 Seasons at Wailea...but I have to double check. I'll get back to you on which Hotel we chose. We were looking at the Westing Kaanapali, but decided to go with the one at Wailea because they had a large suite/ apartment type room that could accomodate the kids more comfortably. And I believe they have a kids club, so we can let them play in the company of other kids...and we can have a little adult time.

    Maybe we will see you there!
  6. I remember eating at a yummy restaurant there, I think it was called the Fish Company? Can't quite remember...

    Does anyone have tips on Lanai? I'll be there the first week in Sept.
  7. Either would be good choices. Wailea has a lovely beach too along with a small mall you can walk to with a couple restaurants, a general store, and some upscale shopping (Tiffany, BV, etc). 5-10 min drive gets you to Kihei, a small town with regular shops and restaurants. The Grand Wailea is a very large hotel and it seems to always have a lot of families. They have a slide pool that the kids love.

    Kaanipali is closer to Lahaina, but you'd probably only go there(Lahaina) once so it wouldn't be necessary to be very near. Whaler's Village is a nice center, some of the same stores as Shops at Wailea.

    Good luck deciding. No idea what to guess about airfare.
  8. Grand Wailea for sure, the pools are so much fun for the kids. The spa is awesome too.
  9. Just sending out my usual warning. We've had a lot of recent drownings in the ocean and in the pools across the islands by tourists so be careful. The currents are strong and can be very deceiving.
  10. Yups! Agreeing with rileygirl!

    Exercise caution at all times!

    That being said, I think Kaanapali is a better beach than most in Wailea(although Ulua Beach in wailea is nice) and it's easier to swim at than say...Makena (aka "Big Beach"), which has a beautiful wide sandy beach, but the current is super strong & the shorebreak is very powerful.
  11. I stayed at Grand Wailea when we visited Maui a couple of years ago. I loved the pools, and spent most of the time there, so my vote is for Grand Wailea :tup:
  12. Grand Wailea and Four Seasons Resort are both great choices. I live on Oahu, but often visit Maui :tup:
  13. HAVE FUN!!! I'm going to Maui on Sunday!!! WOOHOO!! I love hawaii, IMO its one of the best places on earth. We stay at the Hyatt, which I really love, but I have also heard AMAZING things about the Grnad Wailea and The Four Seasons...The ritz is closed for renovation til january. Ok, so if your into sigght seeing I can suggest the road to Hana, its a gorgeous ride and the black sand beach in hana is beautiful as well, hoestly some great scenery (rain forest, cliffs, waterfalls, etc) but be warned it will take ALL DAY. Also I can suggest going up to Haleakala crater, its gorgeous there as well, we also went to a lavendar farm they had the prettiest flowers i have ever seen and its quite amazing. As far as resturaunts go I LOVELOVELOVE the plantation house in Kapalua, go during sunset bc its an open air resturaunt in a country club atmosphere and there are panaramic views. PAcifico's is also good, and as far as luau's I hear the old lahaina luau is the best, although i havent been to it. The Westin is very nice and its adjacent to Whalers village which is nice, and they have those two resturaunts there Lailani's and hula grill.....ALWAYS make reservations for dinner.