Going to Gustto Sample sale...anyone have a Baca?

  1. I'm thinking I am going to pick up a black or grey small baca if they have any left. Does anyone here have one? Care to share pics? I'm welcome to other Gustto suggestions as well.

    The only thing I'm dissapointed in is the ugly lining of these bags. You'd think for that much $$ it would be a bit nicer.
  2. Hey providencechick! Haven't seen you around here in a while! Welcome back!

    I had the small black Baca, here's my thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/im-officially-crimefighter-black-gustto-baca-has-landed-125986.html

    I used it for a few weeks off and on, then decided to sell it. I still really love the Baca, but I love my Balenciagas more so it had to go.

    About a month ago, I saw a couple of the new Gustto Calas in person and noticed that the ghetto lining is gone. It seems to have been replaced with a nice tan canvas.
  3. Girlfriend, if I would have known that someone was going I would have ponied up some cash!!!!!
  4. What a fugly bulldog, Shewolfy. I LOVE him ... what's his (or her?) name?
  5. Gotta get a Baca PChick!!! Fabulous little bag. So is the Solba. But a Baca is so neat. I have a Vintage brown one. Looks like an overbaked Baked potato...LOL
  6. I have a rust and the black/patent Baca..I would KILL to have Bessie's red one!
    Baca.jpg Gustto1.jpg Gustto4.jpg
  7. Oh Larke, don't tell me we're going to be fighting over a bulldog (and not a bag)... isn't he gorgeous? His name is Tank and I wish he was mine.

    Providencechick, good to see you back here, you've been missed, but hey... what about Koobas? What's all this talk about Gusttos? Have you migrated to the other side? No Kooba Fall bags interest you? You know we're all fighting over them (not!).
  8. I have the Gustto Torlia in white-it's a scaled-down version of the Parina-I really like it! the leather is nice and soft and it is a great summer bag. I love the Gustto rivets they are really cool, but yes the yellow lining is not so cool. The Bacas are cute-do they have a lot of room?
  9. Here is a pic of it! I wish I had it in a different color too.
  10. I had the Torlia in Slate Blue and sold it on eBay to ShockeyDoll...who then in turn sold it on eBay....LOL And around around they go. It was a very nice bag and very soft but a little too unstructured for me.
  11. I like the Bacas because they are soooo different from any other bag I own. When you place them on the table they sort of melt downward into a blob, like an amoeba.
  12. Love the SUPER-SOFT leather & casual style of the Baca....I have two in the smaller size.

    A bit too unstructured for me too & the lining color isn't my favorite, but all of it's other attributes make me forget about the "structure":cutesy:!!
  13. Hey Providence, great to see you back here! LOL, the Kooba girls have so many Bacas, that blue one is beautiful, Lindy! And they've changed the lining? In all of them?
  14. I just went to the Gustto website to check them out and they are in San Diego!!! I live in San Diego!!! I'm going to call tomorrow to see if they do sales here in town...
  15. Shewolfy - I called a couple of months ago. No, they don't do sales here......:crybaby: