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Mar 25, 2008
Hi everyone!

I'm going to Grand Bahama Island at the end of next month for about a week and wondering if anyone has been there before and has any suggestions for restaurants, sightseeing, shopping, excursions, nightlife (if any), etc? Anything that you would recommend as a "must do"? I can't wait to go!!! This is a MUCH needed vacation for me. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

TIA!! :woohoo:


Mar 5, 2008
you should try going on you they have reviews from other poeple who have stayed wherever your going and you can read good and bad things about it.


Jun 29, 2007
West Orange, NJ
My family and I were in Grand Bahama Island, Sept 2006, I was 7 mos pregnant at that time with my second baby. It was our bonding time with our First child, she was 1 yr and 5 mos at that time. We stayed at Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Resort. We didn't do much sightseeing as all I wanted to do was relax and eat ofcourse. I highly suggest this hotel as it's close to everywhere, across the hotel are small shops, souvenir shops restaurants, bars and they even have live bands at night. The restaurants have a better price than that of the hotel and you can taste the local cuisine compared to the hotles much pricey and "americanized" local food. You can also find places that sells sightseeing tours, scuba trips or island hoping trips, for obvious reasons we didn't do any of those..;) I also suggest that if you're drinking, do not order any at the hotel as they charge absurd taxes and liquor taxes. You can order your liquor pretty much anywhere, there's even a small stand that sells mixed drinks for much much cheaper.

There's also duty free shops, liquor and cigar shops and best of all a casino within walking distance of the hotel, the casino is in between Westin and it's sister hotel Sheraton, you can use both hotels pools and other amenities. I believe the casino is part of Sheraton. Also since both hotels are right next to each other, they have the longest private beach around the area (I think)

There's also this "shack" at the end of the Sheraton's part of the beach, called "joe's shack" (I think, blame the epidural for not remembering) though the "shack" is not part or affiliated by both resorts, they have the best grilled red snapper in town (sorry I don't know what they really call it). We've tried it there and some other restaurants and they have the best by far and the best price too... You must try the red snapper, conch salad and conch fritters (the hotels conch fritters are good too, but expensive) are the best... You won't miss it, it's the only shack at the end of the sheraton..

here are both westin's and sheraton's website:

hopefully this detailed information will help you and hope you'll have the greatest vacay... PM me or email me if you have any question...hopefully I can remember more for you... :flowers: