Going to get tough with myself now!

  1. And actually get some use out of the exercise bike that's been sat in the cellar for ages :rolleyes:

    I think I'll start by setting myself either a time or distance target each day and going from there. I must lose some weight, I'm so sick of having to hold my stomach in all the time! :sad:
  2. Good for you! Go slowly and make sure you reward yourself some how to keep going.:yes:
  3. First night last night....

    10 minutes on the bike and I "travelled" 3 miles :tup:

    Not a lot but I'm thinking I'll ease myself in and build up gradually. My legs don't hurt today so I suppose I could maybe have managed more.

    Also re-set my ticker to my actual weight loss! :shame:
  4. Good for you! I just started working out again and it's not easy. But you know what they say, you have to do something 14 times for it to become a habit...so we should try to make this exercise thing a habit! Good luck!
  5. Woohoo, 2 days in a row! :tup:

    5 miles in 16 minutes tonight
  6. Good for you, V! How about we do this together? :smile: I'll start tomorrow. :biggrin: (It's almost my bed time!) I'll be on my elliptical trainer.

    PS. Not liking your avatar... :p Are you a fan of "Age of love"?
  7. That's a great idea! I managed another 10 miles over the weekend.
    Going to try and go up to 6 miles a day this week :yes:

    What's wrong with my avatar?? I've never even heard of Age of Love :confused1:

    PS: My boss went at the weekend for 3 weeks in Aus. Before he went he was reading some dress code for a casino which said "no work boots or thongs". He thought it was hilarious, until I explained what thongs means :roflmfao:
  8. You know that's Mark Philapoussis(sp?) right? He was recently in an American dating show called Age of of Love, where he was dating some a group 20 year olds and 40 year olds. He was suppose to pick one in the end. Not sure who he picked. Just not a fan of his! The show claimed he's a super Aussie tennis star...and he's just not.

    Anyway, lol @ your boss. Don't ppl in UK use the word thongs???

  9. Yep I know who it is.... I've been drooling over him since his long hair days about 10 years ago! :shame: I did think he was engaged though!
    He was good before he got all the injuries, he's just a bit too erratic to ever be at the top unfortunately.

    Yep we use the word thong..... it means the same as g-string though! The tiny pants! So he had a mental image of people in work boots and tiny pants :lol:
  10. 6 miles last night :tup: It was tough though! :sweatdrop:

    Where's my gym buddy hiding?
  11. Missed out on Tuesday but I did another 6 miles last night.
    Interrupted at 4.25 by a borderline hysterical bf who'd just been surprised by a huge spider :lol:

    I feel like the exercise is getting easier, but when do I start to see some results on my shape :rolleyes:
  12. Ummm... here I am. :shame::sweatdrop: Haven't done anything though. Sigh... I'll hop on the elliptical trainer now.
  13. Come on slacker ;)

    Another 6 miles last night..... going up to 7 on Monday :sweatdrop:
  14. Managed 7 last night, though it seemed too easy, I don't think I had the resistance set high enough.

    None tonight, badminton instead though :tup:
  15. Oh dear, nothing last night except a gentle stroll and I doubt I'll get time tonight as we're going out :sweatdrop:

    Somebody stop me from falling off the exercise train!