Going to get lasered...

  1. For my bikini and underarms! Any must-have pieces of wisdom I should know about beforehand?
  2. no wisdom...but just wanted to say good luck and hope all goes well!! :rolleyes:
  3. Had a sample laser, didn't like it, doesn't hurt but I am not convinced as to the fact that it will take away hair forever. My friend had it said it was ok as long as she was having treatment but when she stopped it came back!
  4. Get a numbing cream. My girl sold me a numbing cream and it really did help with the pain.
    Laser hair removal really did work for me. I did my lower legs about 3 years ago. Before my legs were always prickly from years of shaving. Then after 4 sessions, my legs are smooth. I do get baby hairs which I wax about once a month.
    I also did my underarms which were great but I went back to shaving and the hair is coarse once again. I need to go back for more...
  5. Well, this place uses a brand new laser (Cutera) which apparently has a cooling thingy to alleviate pain but I am always suspicious of that sort of claim;)
    The manager said that the hair should be permanently zapped in 4-6 sessions and that anything over 6 sessions is covered by them. They are spacing my sessions one month apart to make sure they get all of the different growth cycles. As I sit here with one of the most agonizing cases of razor burn ever, I am totally stoked to end that part of my life!
  6. I want to get that done oneday. My fiances aunt is getting it done and she said the numbing cream really helps
  7. The most important thing is to be consistent with your appointments and follow all post treatment instructions. If you do, you should get the results you are looking for.
  8. I had my bikina area and legs done a few years ago & am going to get my underarms done as soon as I have enough time.

    Best advice -- put on the numbing cream super heavy & wrap the saran wrap as tight as you can.

    I do have a little bit of regrowth that I have been too lazy to go get touched up, but it is super light and soft & I only need to shave about once every two months.

    And I used to have super thick tough hair -- always had stubble even if I shaved every day.
  9. i'm in the process of having my chin, jaw, and sideburns lasered (embarassing, i know). my first time through, they used a laser with the cooling mechanism, and it didn't work for me. my last appointment, they used the regular laser and the hair went away and stayed away for two months, so i had a meeting with the people at the spa and they agreed to give me 4 more treatments on that laser with no cost. i think that after those treatments, my hair will be permanently gone. even after the hair started to grow back after the first treatment with the laser that worked, a lot never grew back.

    if you're not using a laser with a cooling mechanism, expect it to hurt, but not that bad. i honestly believe that the laser that hurts works better, though. but it goes quickly, and it's so worth it. i'd love to get my legs and bikini done.
  10. Just be prepared- I've heard that it hurts as much as getting a tatoo- similar feeling according to my gf. And if you are not consistent with appts, I heard it grows back.
  11. I have had laser done before and I am now in the process of doing full leg & bikini line right now... and my legs didn't hurt at all, and then my bikini, omg, I had to have them lower the strength of the laser! So for my next round I'm going to find a numbing cream.

    Two of my aunts had it done where I'm going a few years ago and LOVE their results. I checked with my dermatologist before doing it, and he told me to look at the procedure as permanent hair reduction vs. elimination. I could see a difference after just one appointment.

    I hope it works for you! Good luck!
  12. Funny, but just like a tattoo, anywhere the laser went that was near bone, I almost leapt out of my skin and I'm pretty tough!

    I do visualization techniques to get through tough pain (like the last few sessions are always higher power) like little puppies nibbling at my ankles or whatever. I made the nurse laugh when I shared that, but it works!! LoL :idea:
  13. Got my underarms done. It's awesome ! They usually out some ice on for a few mins. before I leave. SO worth it to me !!!!!
  14. Is this the same as what we have here in the UK? Permanent hair removal using light pulse?

    I have had this done on bikini line, legs and underarms. There is absolutely no pain whatsoever! The only way I can describe it is a camera flash going off everytime they zap you.

    I have been completely hair free in all areas for over 3 years now and only go 1 a year for maintenance. Last time I went for maintenance I didn't even need it!!

    Best thing I ever had done although yours sounds different due to the pain - I never had any of that.
  15. ^^It really depends on the machine that is used and how much pre and post treatment cooling is done to the area being treated :yes: